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Industry Experience Center

3 Mexico city

In Huawei OpenLab, Mexico City, you will get hands-on experience with Huawei’s products in a real ICT environment, in real time. The OpenLab will enable customers to engage with a marketing platform that permits them to run and test converged technologies in our specialized Safe City and Smart Grid demonstration areas.

If you are interested in joint solutions, joint verifications, or visits, please click the “Cooperation/Consultation” button to contact us by email.


Safe City

Mexico conew1 SafeCity

Huawei uses diverse, innovative technologies and works with industry-leading partners to develop holistic Safe City solutions. For example, Huawei’s partnerships with Promad, Pulsiam, and Soflex enable them to create joint solutions that integrate computer-aided dispatch with Huawei’s ICT infrastructure platform. The platform includes Huawei’s Integrated Communications Platform, eLTE, Intelligent Video Surveillance system, and integrated voice and video. The Safe City Command Center provides coordinated emergency command features that enable rapid decision-making and a quick interactive response system.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive protection before an incident

  • Rapid response during an incident

  • Efficient case-solving after an incident


Promad, Soflex, Pulsiam, SKG, Talkaphone, and Neural Labs


Mexico conew2 AMI

An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) provides automatic, bi-directional communication between electric power companies and smart meters. It provides accurate, real-time power consumption data and device usage status for electric power companies. Here, you will see how AMI enables smart meter reading, charging and payment, prepayment, line loss analysis, and electricity exception analysis, and how it prevents theft of electricity. Huawei’s partners can integrate AMI into their solutions, as needed, for local marketing strategies.

Key Features:
  • 100 percent collection rate with Hi-PLC

  • Improves overall income by 20 percent

  • Open architecture connects all service scenarios


ADM and PrimeStone

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