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Industry Experience Center

3 Dubai

Customers can get hands-on experience with the latest innovations developed by Huawei and its partners at the OpenLab Experience Centers. This gives them useful, specific ideas about their requirements. Solution demonstrations not only help customers, but also provide value-added platforms for partners.

If you are interested in joint solutions, joint verifications, or visits, please click the “Cooperation/Consultation” button to contact us by email.


Safe City

Dubai conew1 SafeCity

Huawei’s GIS-based visual command platform integrates intelligent video surveillance, video conferencing, and multimedia visual clusters to create advanced Safe City solutions. Command and dispatch centers are more efficient, and cloud computing and Big Data facilitate inter-departmental data queries and analysis that improve decision-making.

Key Features:
  • Intelligent awareness, 360-degree protection

  • Visual dispatching, intelligent collaboration

  • Inter-departmental analysis to aid decision-making


Hexagon, Yitu, Zenith, iOmniscient, Xalted, and Vidsys

Smart Home

Dubai conew2 Smart Home

In the near future, people will be able to remotely control electronic and motorized devices in their homes from their smartphones, computers, and other terminals. They will be able to control the brightness of the lights, raise or lower blinds, and start and stop humidifiers and air conditioning systems. They will even be able to open the door automatically when friends arrive.

Key Feature:
  • Intelligent awareness


e-Home Automation

Media Cloud

Dubai conew3Media Cloud

Huawei, cooperating with Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd., launched the industry’s first omnimedia private cloud production solution. The solution is based on a distributed architecture that enables all-IP, cloud, intelligent, and integrated IT resource pools. Here, clients can experience integrated, omnimedia news and entertainment in a single location.

Key Features:

Enables parallel migration for stored media files

  • Increases HD production efficiency by up to 90 percent

  • Agile cache based on video streaming eliminates HD editing freezes

  • Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP) provides 120 Mbit/s post-production that creates smooth four-layer visuals



Smart Transportation

Dubai conew4 Smart Transportation

This Smart Transportation solution helps ensure a safe bus ride for schoolchildren. It provides a 360-degree panoramic view for the school bus driver and school transportation manager. A tracking function enables the manager to monitor the progress of the bus on a display — a useful security feature. The manager not only can check the bus’s surroundings, but also its interior for any problems.

Key Feature:
  • 360-degree panoramic view and tracking



Smart Public Space

Dubai conew5 Smart Public Space

In this smart public space, deployment and management of lights, cameras, manhole covers, waste bins, irrigation, and other public facilities help reduce energy consumption and labor and management costs.

Key Features:
  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Lowers labor and management costs



Smart Parking

Dubai conew6 Smart Parking

A management system provides a comprehensive, smart solution for parking lot owners. Real-time sensors connected by an NB-IOT system collect and analyze information and send it to a management center. The sensors analyze parking lot occupancy. Owners can use a customized App that provides intelligent navigation and online payment information.

Key Features:
  • Quickly analyzes parking lot occupancy

  • Custom App provides intelligent navigation and online payment



Smart Education

Dubai conew7 Smart Education

This Smart Education solution demonstrates how a complete cloud platform enables educators to allocate massive amounts of educational resources in order to promote education equity and resource sharing. In addition, remote classrooms have access to high-quality video courses and videoconferencing systems. Better connected and ubiquitous educational resources enable education anywhere.

Key Feature:
  • Ubiquitous classroom resources enable education anywhere


Learntron Company

Smart Meter Reading

Dubai conew8 Smart Meter Reading

This solution shows how a remotely controlled meter can automatically monitor electricity usage. This solution utilizes an IoT gateway and platform to integrate a network of smart meters with the Internet and ensure fast data collection.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive connectivity — IoT gateway and platform enable access to massive numbers of meters

  • Fast data collection — all-IP networks ensure nearly 100 percent success with just a single reading

  • New revenue opportunities — open architecture enables easy integration


Longshine and Clou

Smart Oil Gas

Dubai conew9 Smart Oil and Gas

Huawei helps to provide full business connectivity for oil and gas providers. Smart Oil & Gas ICT solutions use high-performance computing, digital production, digital pipelines, and digital petroleum refining to enable operators to better integrate and share vital information within their companies.

Key Features:
  • Full business connectivity

  • Information integration and sharing within companies


Honeywell and BGP

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