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Deal Registration

Huawei encourages partners to explore business opportunities actively by allowing partners to register deals in advance. You will receive special support and extra rewards if you successfully register deals with Huawei.


For a successful deal registration, Huawei may provide you with benefits such as:

  • Deal authorization
  • Better pricing or discount
  • Preferential technical support
  • Cash rewards. For more information, visit: Deal Registration Reward (DRR)

Actual rewards of certain registrations will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and will be dependent upon regional Huawei Policies of your area. You can confirm with your Huawei contact.


Normally, Huawei accepts deal registrations from Client Facing Tiers (CFT), including Registered Partners, Authorized Partners, Silver Partners, Gold Partners, and Value-Added Partners (VAP). Distributors can submit deal registrations on behalf of CFT.

In some cases, Distributors can register deals for themselves, depending on local Huawei policies. If you are a Distributor wanting to submit a deal, please discuss with your Huawei Coordinator.

How Huawei validates a deal registration:

Huawei will judge a deal registration mainly by the criteria below, and only registrations that meet all requests can be accepted as successful ones:

  • The deal information registered is complete, including specific customer name, project name, budget, products or solutions, project decision-making chain, and project implementation time.
  • The information registered passes verification and is true and valid.
  • The period from the time of registration and the time of price application is no less than 15 days.
  • The deal registered has not been included by Huawei in its pipeline management (Huawei Account Managers have not created a pipeline in the Salesforce system).
  • Huawei has not accepted the registration application on this deal (only one valid registration application is accepted for each opportunity).
  • The deal registered is within the scope of authority (authorized regions, authorized products, or other criteria).
  • Applications should be approved by Huawei in the system.

Registration operation

  • You can submit a deal registration to Huawei through eChannel. You have to become a “Registered Partner” of Huawei to do this (Refer to the following Step-by-step IT Guide).
  • After the deal registration is successful, partners need to regularly update related deal information as required by Huawei. The registration application will become invalid if partners fail to update deal information for four consecutive weeks, and partners will no longer be entitled to corresponding rights and interests.
  • Huawei may ask you to supplement or modify the information submitted if your registration information is incomplete.

Normally, the validity period for a deal registration is six months, starting from the date when you submit the application. In case your registered deal requires more than six months to close, please do not forget to tell your Huawei contact to extend the validity period. The eChannel will send you a notice before the registration expires.