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Huawei Partners with the Industry Ecosystem to Provide Optimal Cloud Solutions via FusionSphere

May 21, 2014

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Guilin, China, May 21, 2014 – Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, hosted its FusionSphere User Forum in Guilin, China, where industry partners and customers took part in in-depth discussions to explore optimal solutions for the development of cloud computing ecosystems and cloud data centers.

During the forum, Mr. Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei’s IT Product Line highlighted that in today’s digital era, information technology (IT) has gradually become a key platform for enterprises to enhance their core competencies. With a focus on the development of open cloud data center solutions, Huawei has been dedicated to developing FusionSphere, a highly efficient and reliable open cloud operating system. Through close collaboration with partners in various industries, the company also aims to provide customers with cloud computing solutions that address their specific business needs.

Photo captions: Huawei partners with the cloud industry ecosystem

Transforming enterprise IT systems to embrace the cloud era

In today’s digital world, technology is bringing about constant changes and transformations for consumers and enterprises through redefining user experience and offering the possibility of new business models. For enterprises across many different industries, leveraging IT systems to enhance core competencies and transform their existing business has become a challenge. "We are in a digital era where connectivity is omnipresent and is enabling revolutionized innovations for enterprises’ business models and daily operations. The utilization of IT has become a decisive factor for the competitiveness of enterprises. Cloud computing has become a core platform for improving service efficiency and an enabler of innovative service offerings,” said Mr. Zheng.

In addition, the rise and evolution of software-defined data center, virtualization, cloud and other technologies is breaking down the boundaries of traditional data centers from the past thirty years. The current technology enables enterprises to redefine how and where services are provided through applications. "Based on our customers’ feedback from the past two years, we have found that there has been a deeper and broader adoption of cloud computing within enterprises. Questions from enterprises are shifting from why they should use cloud computing to how it can be used,” said Mr. Zheng. “This means that customers from various industries need more than just cloud computing products and technology support. They need customized, comprehensive and reliable solutions to help them address their evolving business needs.”

FusionSphere: the optimal open cloud platform

Nowadays, traditional IT architecture, modes, and software platforms can no longer keep up with sophisticated, future-proof data centers that support multiple services. Interconnection is crucial to data centers, and just as important between public clouds, and between public and private clouds.

"Interconnection means openness and innovation. We want to create an open and innovative cloud operating system that is based on an open architecture, standard protocols and open source communities," said Mr. Zheng. "Huawei has been a gold member of OpenStack and the launch of FusionSphere is a testament to our commitment towards contributing to the community.”

To improve agility of enterprises’ core services, the distributed Internet architecture model can be used to process a number of services with high reliability to maximize the usage and value of a data center cloud. "Since 2008, Huawei has been investing in the development of cloud computing solutions based on an open platform. We have been channeling our expertise in the telecom industry and innovative Internet architecture in the Information Technology industry to create cloud computing solutions that can anticipate future challenges and present more business opportunities to our partners."

Huawei collaborates with partners to develop a FusionSphere ecosystem

As the strategic focus of Huawei’s cloud strategy, FusionSphere has been deployed in over 40 countries around the world and has become a solid platform for enterprise and telecom applications.

A key partner of Huawei, Beijing Futong Dongfang Technology, believes that with better understanding of IT applications and constant changes in the business environment, Chinese enterprises are looking for partners who can provide flexible solutions that offer high quality user experience. “We chose Huawei, not only because it provides the most complete customer-centric cloud-based software and hardware solutions, but also because of their understanding of our strategy and their sense of responsibility. We plan to continue to work closely with Huawei as a strategic partner in cloud computing to help our customers migrate to cloud and generate more value through IT innovations,” said Mr. Chen Jian President of Beijing Futong Dongfang Technology.

Apart from offering an open cloud operating system that facilitates high standards of performance and reliability, the adoption of FusionSphere is also creating an ecosystem that is customer service application-oriented. This will create opportunities for enterprise customers and partners to transform their businesses and maximize value. “Huawei has been and will continue to invest in developing innovative IT infrastructure products and solutions such as servers, storage, networks, cloud OS and management. As we see a growing demand for these products and solutions across multiple industries, we are aware that we may not have the industry-specific expertise to develop solutions and provide services. However, in collaboration with our industry partners, we hope to create a FusionSphere-based ecosystem that will provide competitive solutions and services, as well as business opportunities for enterprises across all industries,” Mr. Zheng added.