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Huawei Unveils S5720I-SI: Industry's First Switch with 10GE Uplinks and Extended Operating Temperature Range

Mar 22, 2018

[Qingdao, China, March 22, 2018] At the Huawei China Eco-Partner Conference 2018, Huawei launched the S5720I-SI series switches that boast an extended operating temperature range and support all-gigabit access and multiple 10GE uplinks. The S5720I-SI series switches can work in harsh outdoor operating environments in which most commercial switches fail. They are ideal for various outdoor access scenarios such as wireless city, Safe City, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and Ethernet to the x (ETTx).

As ICT construction becomes widespread, a growing number of network access requirements are emerging in typical outdoor scenarios, such as wireless city, city security, coal mine safety, rail transportation, factory automation, and water treatment system. This poses new challenges on commercial switches. In these scenarios, access switches are often deployed outdoors. The operating temperature may be extremely high or low, with the temperature differing sharply during day and night. Additionally, maintenance is not carried out frequently. Therefore, the devices must be highly reliable. In security defense scenarios, due to restrictions on installation position, the distance between switches and cameras often exceeds 100 meters. Common commercial switches cannot meet these special requirements.

A Huawei S5720I-SI series switch, which has an extended operating temperature range and 10 GE uplinks

S5720I-SI series switches with an extended operating temperature range

Huawei released the brand-new S5720I-SI series switches. The S5720I-SI series switches boast an industrial-grade operating temperature range (–40°C to +75°C) and can provide 200-meter long-distance PoE power supply for Huawei cameras. The S5720I-SI supports all-gigabit access and provides multiple 10GE uplink ports. It enables backhaul of environment signals to achieve remote monitoring. The S5720I-SI comes with built-in power modules, redundant fan modules, and built-in surge protection on the outdoor network port, implementing maintenance-free operations for the full lifecycle. The S5720I-SI supports PoE++ (60 W) power output, satisfying ever-increasing requirements of high-power terminals (such as 802.11ac Wave 2 APs).

Yang Jiayuan, Switch Product Director of Huawei's Switch & Enterprise Gateway Product Line, said: "The S5720I-SI series switches are innovative products developed by Huawei after in-depth analysis of customers' pain points in outdoor access scenarios such as Safe City. The S5720I-SI has all the features of commercial switches and provides industrial-grade resistance to harsh outdoor environments. We believe that the S5720I-SI will be a good choice for many outdoor scenarios in the future, contributing to customers' pursuit of high-quality and high-reliability switches across a range of industries."

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