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Huawei Launches the SDSec Solution to Build a Proactive Network Defense System

Mar 09, 2018

[Shenzhen, China, March, 9, 2018] Huawei recently launched the new Software-defined Security (SDSec) solution, aiming to build a proactive defense system. This solution enables more intelligent threat detection, threat response, and security operations & maintenance. It also improves the threat prevention capabilities of enterprise IT networks and carrier network infrastructure with the threat detection rate of higher than 95%, thus increasing security O&M efficiency and reducing O&M costs.

The cloudification and Internetization of services transcend the physical boundaries of network security. New threats are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to understand, making traditional passive defense measures less effective. This will cause long threat detection and response times.

Huawei SDSec introduces the security controller SecoManager. It can be integrated with software, hardware, and security components from Huawei and third parties, to enable centralized security service orchestration and management. This will allow networks and security to be deeply intertwined and managed through security policies, effectively preventing threats. Using a security analyzer, SDSec offers intelligent threat detection and makes networks far less susceptible to attacks. It shifts protection from passive to active defense, helping to improve threat defense capabilities of enterprise and carrier networks. Intelligent threat response helps enterprises and carriers eliminate security risks and shift from node protection to network protection, ensuring minimal losses. Intelligent O&M enables enterprises and carriers to automatically generate and deploy business-driven security policies. This helps enterprises and carriers go beyond manual O&M to intelligent O&M, and cut O&M costs by over 80%.

"As new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and big data see wider applications. Unknown threats are adapting and changing ever more rapidly, making existing defense measures ineffective and increasing network security risks. This will impact the business development, agile innovation, and operating efficiency of enterprises and carriers, and will also present huge challenges to network security," said Song Duanzhi, General Manager of Huawei Switch & Enterprise Gateway Product Line Security Domain. Introducing AI-based threat response, software-defined network-security defense, and intelligent security policy optimization, Huawei's SDSec solution helps mitigate network security risks as customers go digital."

Huawei has invested in network security for over 10 years. Looking to the future, Huawei will be committed to preventing security risks, and delivering more industry-leading security products and solutions to global customers.