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Addressing New DCI Challenges in the Cloud Era

Zheng Shaorong 2019-09-10
Cloud services are a shared economy in the IT industry, while data centers are the carriers of these services. Due to limited land resources and equipment room space, data centers are increasingly deployed in a distributed manner, requiring WDM technology to connect them to provide unified services.

Data Center Networks Concerned with the Cloud and the Intelligent Era

Liu Runing 2019-08-31
Over the past decade, data center services have shifted from web-centric to cloud-centric. Today, they are shifting from the era of cloud computing and into the intelligent era.

CloudEngine 16800 Analysis 2: Three Futuristic Technologies Enable CloudEngine 16800’s Digital Flood Management

Huawei unveiled the industry’s first data center switch built for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era –– CloudEngine 16800. It supports smooth interface evolution of 10 GE -> 40 GE -> 100 GE -> 400 GE. It provides the industry’s highest density 48-port 400 GE line card in a slot and up to 768 x 400 GE ports, which greatly reduces the number of core devices, simplifies the network, and improves management efficiency.

CloudEngine 16800 Analysis 3: Distributed AI O&M, Acceleration toward the Automatic Driving Network

The CloudEngine 16800 is the industry’s first data center switch built for the AI era. It enhances the intelligence level of devices deployed at the network edge, and enables the switch to achieve local inference and real-time decision-making. Using telemetry, the data is first preprocessed locally and then sent to the intelligent O&M platform for secondary processing, based on a fault-case library. This distributed architecture enables forwarding devices to work with the intelligent O&M platform to implement intelligent network O&M.

CloudEngine 16800 Analysis 1: AI Chip + Algorithm Reaches 100% AI Computing Power

The CloudEngine 16800 is the industry’s first switch with embedded high-performance AI chip, and uses the innovative iLossless algorithm. It will redefine Data Center (DC) switches in the AI era, reach an AI computing power of 100% in DCs that are called AI incubators, and lead them into the AI era.