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Beijing Becomes Safer City with Surveillance

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Beijing Becomes Safer City with Surveillance

2013/11/4 15:52:12


Public security protection is of crucial importance to Beijing, the capital of China. In the early 1990s, the Beijing municipal government deployed a video surveillance system that covered nearly all districts in the city and most nearby suburban areas. This system was proven to be important and indispensable in security protection for the next two decades. However, most of these analog and hybrid (analog + digital) systems are now outdated and cannot fully meet service requirements.

To improve security, the local government of Yanqing decided to update its existing system and develop the most-advanced HD digital video surveillance system.

This project brought Huawei an opportunity to showcase its industry-leading video surveillance products, enabling Huawei to participate in large-scale Beijing safe city projects, and laying a solid foundation for Huawei’s campaigns in safe city projects worldwide.


Low-definition images

Most major cities in China have already deployed video surveillance systems. However, outdated analog video surveillance systems (200,000 to 400,000 pixels) cannot effectively support case investigation. In some major criminal cases, such as the Nanjing bank robbery and Chongqing bank robbery cases, the video feeds shot by the on-site surveillance cameras were not clear enough to help investigate the case. Police labored long and hard to match images and identify suspects, which lowered their crime-fighting efficiency.

To improve police efficiency, the Yanqing Police Department decided to upgrade its SD analog video surveillance system to a HD digital system in key road sections.

Lack of high-quality products

A number of vendors in the industry provide digital video surveillance products. However, the quality of these products varies greatly. The customer wanted only products of the highest quality.

High investment costs

The customer also wanted to minimize bandwidth and storage resources to lower investment and operating costs.


The customer invited vendors to bring their best HD cameras and compete using Yanqing’s existing video surveillance platform. Due to limited leased network bandwidth, the customer needed to compare 1.3 megapixel cameras that transmit HD video streams at less than 2 Mbit/s.

High-quality images

Huawei provided its IPC2601-P HD camera. This camera uses the latest second-generation CMOS chip (with a back-illuminated sensor) and core technologies such as fog-penetration and Region Of Interest (ROI). With its advantages in HD image quality, low transmission latency, and accurate voice-video synchronization, Huawei’s IPC2601-P beat the competition.

“Huawei’s HD camera has superb video quality in both fully illuminated daytime and low-light nighttime environments,” a customer spokesman said.

Low-bandwidth solution

Huawei has worked for years on optimizing the H.264 video compression algorithm and now possesses the Huawei Media Engine (HME) patent. This enables Huawei to transmit higher-quality images with the same bandwidth, or same-quality images with 20 percent lower bandwidth, compared to mainstream industry vendors.

Open architecture

Huawei cameras feature open architectures and standard compliance. They support the latest international standard, ONVIF2.1, and enable connections to existing video surveillance management platforms.


Based on the contest results, the customer selected Huawei’s IPC2601-P camera, which demonstrated the highest image quality (four times higher resolution than that of existing analog cameras). This HD digital camera helps safely protect Beijing with the following features:

  • Enables the customer to record HD video in diverse environments.
  • Uses Huawei HME compression and encoding technology (HD video transmission at low bandwidth) to reduce recording storage investment by 20 percent.
  • Uses digital surveillance technologies to enable unified management and personnel dispatching, laying a solid foundation for future large-scale system expansion.
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