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A Bank’s Ultimate HD Telepresence Experience

2013/4/7 16:05:00


One of the most internationalized and diversified banks in Asia, Bank of China (BOC), provides a full range of financial services in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and 31 other countries. The Bank of China Hong Kong (BOCHK) Limited — one of three banks that issues banknotes and designated as a clearing bank for transactions involving RMB — plays a significant role in the internationalization of the currency and maintaining exchange rate stability.


Increasing remote communications among internal institutions and branches, particularly between Beijing-based headquarters and BOCHK executives, has created several challenges. The previous videoconferencing system could not fully handle the current internal communication needs due to the following deficiencies:

  • Poor visual conference experience: Outdated technologies deliver only Video Compact Disk (VCD)-grade quality video, which is not sufficient for executives’ conferences.
  • Complicated operations: Dedicated conference staff are required to effectively operate the system due to the complicated commands and conference configuration parameters, which translates to lower work efficiency.
  • Insufficient lighting and acoustics design: Poor lighting conditions compromise facial clarity and poor sound absorption causes unwanted ambient noise and echoes.
  • Lack of professional and dedicated services: Lack of responsiveness by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance engineers to repair or orders for maintenance prolong system downtime, negatively impact the overall operations and internal communications.


After a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the customer’s requirements, Huawei has provided BOC with a powerful end-to-end solution that consists of an HD telepresence solution, display table configuration, acoustic sound system, and OEM services.

The Huawei solution delivers the following benefits: 

  • Optimal conference experience: The solution delivers HD 1080p60 video clarity that is 20 times higher resolution than the pre-existing system. Huawei’s solution is fully capable of displaying the meeting participants in true-to-life dimensions, allowing participants to make eye contact, interact, and collaborate, all to simulate a realistic, in-person experience. The sound clarity enables better communications, and presentation materials can be displayed in a variety of ways during sessions.
  • Ease-of-use: Touch-screen control operations, combined with Huawei’s proprietary technology, SiteCall, allow executives to easily hold conferences by placing a phone call. Participants merely select a conference site from the address book and tap the “Call” key. Users control the conference settings with the touch-screen control module, synching all aspects and desired parameters of the meeting to control all terminals.
  • Professional design: Conference room table display configuration and acoustic sound system are crucial to ensure the best quality experience for this high-end videoconferencing system. All factors, including room dimensions, lighting conditions, acoustic sound system capabilities, cable layout schemes, and flooring, are integrated to deliver optimal sound and video quality which improves participant comfort.
  • Dedicated services: Huawei provides professional video conference service engineers in regions where BOC branches are located to perform preventive maintenance inspections and to quickly resolve all issues, minimizing system interruptions.


Huawei’s HD Telepresence Solution gives BOC executives an immersive conference experience, so realistic that many participants feel that they are sitting right next to each other, although they may be thousands of miles apart.

  • Face-to-face communication experience: HD 1080p60 video clarity with true-to-life dimension display allows meeting participants to make eye contact, collaborate and interact, similar to a face-to-face meeting.
  • Simplified operations: Attendees can easily power on the system, join a conference, and control it with touch-screen pads, freeing up staff to perform other daily tasks.
  • Efficient decision-making: The telepresence solution bridges the communication gap between BOC executives at headquarters and remote locations, ensuring the highest efficiency in decision-making, and speeding BOC’s responses to financial matters.
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