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Shenzhen Stock Exchange Enhances Finance Security with Huawei FusionCloud Desktop Solution

2016/11/18 0:00:00


Established on December 1st 1990, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) is a self-regulated legal entity under the supervision of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). SZSE is committed to developing China’s multi-tiered capital market system, serving national economic transformation and supporting the national strategy of independent innovation.


As a major player in the securities industry, SZSE had deployed a comprehensive IT system to accommodate rapid business growth. However, the existing IT system used a PC-based office mode, which posed the following challenges to its IT department:
Low data security
At SZSE, securities business data was stored on local PCs where independent systems and software were installed, resulting in increased data security risks. The PCs were also difficult to manage and control in a centralized manner. Users could randomly connect external devices to the PCs, making the IT system susceptible to network attacks and Information leaks.
Time-consuming infrastructure construction
The infrastructure of the existing IT system used multi-network isolation and a multi-wire layout, leading to complex and time-consuming construction. SZSE planned to migrate their IT system to a new office building in October 2013. If the IT system still used the traditional PC office platform, the infrastructure construction would take at least a month, which would postpone its migration plan.
High O&M labor costs
At SZSE, PCs were deployed in various branch offices, resulting in complex Operation and Maintenance (O&M). When a fault occurred on a PC or a software update was required, maintenance personnel had to perform the procedures on-site, lowering O&M efficiency while increasing costs.
Low resource utilization
With the PC platform, only 25% of IT resources were used at SZSE resulting in a great waste of resources.

All the preceding challenges had been plaguing SZSE’s IT department. The IT director stated: “Data security is the lifeblood of securities companies. We needed a new IT system to replace the existing PC office platform and safeguard our financial data. SZSE had a huge number of PCs, resulting in complex IT system maintenance, severe wastage of resources, and high investment costs. We believe that Huawei can resolve these challenges for us.”


To help SZSE rise up to these challenges, Huawei proposed the FusionCloud desktop cloud solution to build a secure, efficient, and easy-to-maintain office system with a “cloud data center + Thin Client (TC)” platform. Huawei deployed 1,200 TCs for the customer during the first phase of the project.
The solution consists of:
  • Hardware: Huawei E6000 (server), S5500T (storage device), and TCs
  • Software: FusionCompute (cloud operating system), FusionAccess (virtual desktop access), and FusionManager (virtualization platform and desktop management, operations, and maintenance)
The solution offers the following features:
  • High data security — The solution provides a variety of security mechanisms, ranging from terminal access to user rights authentication, user behavior auditing, data encryption and transmission, as well as rights management. Functioning as office terminals, TCs have no hard disks. This is because all data is stored in the cloud data center, which maximizes financial data security.
  • Simplified O&M — The solution offers a unified O&M platform FusionManager that allows maintenance personnel to: Deploy desktop environments in batches, dramatically improving location deployment efficiency; Remotely remedy problems and centrally update software and antivirus database for users, significantly improving O&M efficiency. For example, FusionManager helped SZSE shorten an SAP software update from weeks to hours.
  • User-friendly office environment — The solution replaces traditional PCs with eco-friendly TCs, greatly reducing noise, heat, and radiation in the workplace. In a desktop cloud environment, user accounts are not bound to office locations allowing staff to access the office systems from any location using a TC.


Huawei’s FusionCloud desktop cloud solution’s compelling benefits for SZSE:
  • High data security — Terminals and data are isolated, providing a variety of security mechanisms to safeguard financial data.
  • Improved deployment efficiency — Services and applications can be managed centrally in the cloud data center through “Virtual Machine (VM) templates.” Based on preconfigured user-specific VM templates, IT administrators are able to deploy desktop environments for new users within minutes, improving deployment efficiency by a factor of about 30.
  • Reduced O&M labor costs — The solution allows maintenance personnel to remotely correct problems and centrally update software and antivirus database for users, reducing O&M labor costs by a factor of ten compared to the traditional PC office system.
  • Enhanced resource utilization — The solution elastically allocates IT resources, enhancing resource utilization by about 30%.
“Huawei’s desktop cloud system has significantly enhanced data security while reducing operation and maintenance costs for SZSE, which was previously not possible with our PC environment.”
— Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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