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OceanStor Charges Into VIVACOM Data Centers

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OceanStor Charges Into VIVACOM Data Centers

2015/6/24 0:00:00


VIVACOM is Bulgaria’s largest telecommunications company. It provides a wide range of services including fixed-line, mobile, Internet access, radio and TV broadcasting, and data exchange. Their 3,500 employees support 2.6 million phones and provide broadband Internet access to 400,000 households and free access at 3,000 additional public locations in Bulgaria. Their 3G network covers 99.4% of the population


Deployment diagram of VIVACOM’s original charging system

Figure 1: VIVACOM’s original charging system

VIVACOM relies on their telecom charging system to not only to bill customers, but also provide marketing forecast and operational analysis reports to target their marketing. Their original system was built from storage devices and IT systems independently purchased and developed by different departments at three geographically-dispersed data centers. The complex system faced several problems:

Inadequate shared storage

Inadequate shared storage space resulted in a less than 50 percent utilization rate. More importantly, there was no way to share or easily manage data because of the lack of centralized storage devices. Maintenance costs rose because of the diverse device models and complex system expansion issues so legacy systems’ performance suffered. 

Legacy storage system lagged

Expansion upgrades did not resolve the lack of scalability or other system problems. Consequently, VIVACOM needed a large-capacity, easy-to-manage storage system for processing Service Detail Records (SDR) and report services. Since the legacy storage devices could not keep up, local backup systems needed replacement to safeguard valuable data assets. 

Data Recovery (DR) Center needed upgrades

VIVACOM’s DR data center needed more robust scalability and high-performance storage devices. The critical issues included:

  • Ensuring the relocation of data from legacy storage devices to the new devices would have a minimal impact on online services and systems operations
  • Improving data management security and efficiency
  • Needing a professional consulting team to help address all of the challenges


Huawei storage solution deployment diagram

Figure 2: Huawei’s storage solution

Huawei’s OceanStor 18800 series storage system

VIVACOM chose Huawei to design an end-to-end storage solution to handle data integration, ease device replacement, and provide a secure and reliable DR environment. Huawei installed three storage systems; one each for the core data center, the proxy data center, and the DR data center. The new system allows all of the centers to use existing virtual gateways for remote DR.

The Huawei OceanStor 18800F and two 18800 storage systems provide ideal solutions for VIVACOM’s charging system with of their flexible scale-out storage architecture. The new systems accommodate up to 16 controllers, provide 7 PB of capacity, and improve system throughput capabilities as new nodes are added. The Huawei Smart series suite of software tools also was installed in these storage systems to provide a flexible and efficient storage resource pool for services. With these powerful features, the OceanStor 18000 series storage systems improve the capacity expansion capability and performance, enhance data security, and improve the interoperability of data storage for the charging system. 

During the solution delivery, Huawei also provided VIVACOM with professional services and successfully migrated data on an agreed schedule with negligible impact to daily service operations. 


Huawei officially delivered one OceanStor 18800F and two OceanStor 18800 storage systems to VIVACOM in the second half of 2014. Thanks to Huawei’s integrated storage solution, VIVACOM eliminated data silos and simplified management for its charging system. The solution provides an excellent choice for critical enterprise applications. With these improvements, Bulgaria’s telecom company can easily expand for future business needs.

Huawei’s OceanStor storage systems solution provides VIVACOM with many advantages: 

  • Centralized storage and unified data management saves over 20 percent in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to the legacy storage systems
  • Capacity and performance are improved by eliminating data storage bottlenecks
  • Value-added virtualization features optimize resource utilization management
  • Excellent interoperability also protects virtual gateway investment
  • Data protection software ensures 24/7 system availability
  • Huawei’s professional technical support team also ensured delivery of a successful solution along with efficiency for daily operations and maintenance. 
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