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Komsa explains how Huawei CloudCampus accelerates New Retail

Komsa explains how Huawei CloudCampus accelerates New Retail 0.1 Hello, my name is Jens Vestewig, from Komsa. 0.7 and managed service providers in Europe. 0.11 We have more than 1,500 employees, and we have 1.2 billion Euros revenue. 0.20 and I want to show you the CloudCampus solution from Huawei 0.22 because we are also a Huawei distributor here in Germany. 0.27 A CloudCampus Solution allows you to manage your complete network in the cloud. 1.05 and then they configure it themselves from the cloud. 1.17 So maybe you can roll out your updates, your upgrades with this solution. 1.50 My colleague, Daniel Jaksch, will show you now a short live demo. 1.54 Daniel, please come to us. 2.17 in advance you only have to put the Huawei CloudCampus App 2.25 and only have to scan the serial number and the MAC address 2.41. and after some seconds 2.46 the configuration is okay and the access point is sending the configured WiFi signal.

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