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ICT Insights Issue 7 (11/2013)

Main Topic

Zheng Yelai

Insights into Groundbreaking IT Transformations

It is a great honor to share with you my opinions about the changes we are seeing in the IT industry. In this issue of ICT Insights, we are taking the opportunity to identify the driving forces behind the lightening-fast, groundbreaking transformations occurring in the marketplace in order to better adapt, adjust our expectations, and leverage the new information for better results.

Cover Story

hw 318610

The Huawei-Intel Strategic Cooperation Pact

The cooperation between Huawei and Intel in the ICT market includes the full range of servers, storage, and networks. Together, we share a vision for cloud computing and big data that leverages our strong technical capabilities, can-do spirits, and proactive business cultures.
hw 318612

Synnex and Huawei Integration

The Synnex commitment to deliver first-class business process services matches Huawei's breadth and depth in the enterprise business arena. The goal of our strategic cooperation agreement is "Being Integrated" to further advance our customer's capabilities in cloud computing, devices, and BYOD.

Feature Story

hw 318592

Huawei Enterprise Business Group: Year-Three Review

The Huawei Enterprise Business Group was created in 2011 to adapt to the ICT convergence and tap the "blue ocean" beyond the carrier market.
hw 318594

Huawei Cloud Congress 2013 Highlights:A Driving Force for IT Convergence

"Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile:" Huawei makes IT systems more efficient for customers across industries.
hw 318596

A Glimpse at Previous HCC Sessions:Witnessing IT Transformations from Cloud Computing

A consistent message was delivered in all sessions of the 2013 Huawei Cloud Congress: Across industries, open innovation is driving the cloud computing industry forward.
hw 318598

Nikkei Communications: Huawei Enters the Japanese Enterprise Market and Aims for US$500 Million in Revenue by 2017

Japan is home to one of the world's key ICT markets and is strategically significant to Huawei's enterprise business. Meticulous about quality, universal recognition of Huawei products in Japan is a certainty once embraced by Japanese enterprise customers.

Industry Focus

hw 318600

FusionCloud – Enterprise IT Simplified

The Huawei FusionCloud solution transforms traditional enterprise data centers into standardized, automated, and scalable cloud DCs. As a result, enterprises can expect greater productivity with the new IT systems.
hw 318602

Convergence for the Future– Huawei's Intelligent Storage Systems

Huawei storage products feature an elastic architecture, intelligent data distribution, and intelligent management and scheduling. Our concept for convergent storage features the tight coupling of physical layer technologies, file protocols, and data lifecycle management.
hw 318604

Data Center IT, Simplified– FusionDC, Huawei's Next-Generation Data Center

New economic environments have created the need for more capable data centers. In response, Huawei's next-generation data center (FusionDC) is dedicated to integrating traditional DCs, simplifying complex IT environments, and introducing innovative technologies to simultaneously safeguard existing services while enabling new opportunities.
hw 318608

Huawei Servers: A Scientific Approach to Innovation and Growth

Our scientific approach to server R&D continues to provide customers with reliable products at high performance-to-price ratios.

Success Story

hw 318614

Huawei SSD Storage Makes Headlines for Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel was quickly moving into online, mixed-media operations, but their back-office IT systems were unable to support the speed and urgency required for digital media. By using Huawei's Dorado 2100 Solid State Disk (SSD) system, Der Spiegel not only improved response time, but found new ways to capture audiences through advanced techniques.
hw 318616

Hatch Strikes Gold with Huawei Containerized Data Center

Hatch worked with Huawei to develop a containerized data center for a gold mine in Mauritania, North Africa, which could thrive in the roughest of conditions, be flexible enough for future expansion, and ensure a path for their continued success.
hw 318618

UCSC Deploys Huawei UDS System for Astrophysics Supercomputer

UC-HiPACC has successfully deployed a petabyte-level, Huawei cloud storage system for the Hyades Supercomputer, which is dedicated to computational astrophysics research.

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