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ICT Insights Issue 5 (06/2013)

Main Topic

Zhang Shunmao

ICT as an Engine for Enterprise Innovation and Transformation

ICT, characterized by cloud computing, mobility, Big Data, and social media, better positions enterprises to drive improvements in their IT infrastructure and rapidly enhance their operating performance.

Feature Story

hw 275498

Exploring Enterprise IT Transformation During the Transition to "Third Platform" Technologies

By leveraging the "Third Platform" of mobile infrastructure, enterprises can construct high availability network platforms and on-demand cloud data centers, as well as global collaboration and matrix-based security protection systems able to satisfy future IT requirements.
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Promising Growth in the IT-enabled Medical Industry Market– An interview with Yao Yong, Vice President and General Manager of the Medical IT Division of Neusoft

In the next three to five years, the ITenabled medical market in China will flourish, providing tremendous business opportunities in video, storage, network, data center, Big Data, and many other areas.
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New Networks and Challenges for Pakistan Telecomm– How Huawei has been a true partner to help PTCL evolve

PTCL has transformed into a more commercial, customercentered organization, with competitive advantages in the enterprise business market.
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SDN and TRILL: How to Understand the Two Buzzwords– An Interview With Dr. Radia Perlman, "The Mother of the Internet"

TRILL gives the best of both worlds: Ethernet and IP, while SDN is a buzzword that means different things to different people.

Industry Focus

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Focus: Modern IT Energizing All Industries

Over the past few years, ICT technologies (particularly cloud computing and mobility) have expanded across all business operations, from routine operations management and production, to sales and customer service. Government organizations and enterprises from different industries all recognize the role of ICT technologies in driving growth, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.
hw 275535

Intelligent Financial Networks: The Future of Information Architecture in Banking

Perception, analysis, coordination, and management are the defining elements that determine a bank's IT architecture, while convergence determines the extent the IT architecture allows users to be networked. Intelligent financial networks will define and enrich the ways in which banks communicate with and serve their customers, better positioning them for the future.
hw 275538

Three Development Trends in e-Government: Cloud, Collaboration, and Big Data

Three trends are shaping e-Government models: 1) Cloud computing is increasingly mainstream; 2) Government services are strengthening cross-functional collaboration and cooperation, and 3) Big Data will be increasingly important to explore and use government information resources.
hw 275540

Creating Nationwide e-Health Records for China by 2020

Three main problems must be resolved to achieve the "Health China 2020" Strategic Plan, consisting of model selection and optimal integration of hardware infrastructure, planning and implementation of a quality district health information platform, and platform survival and growth.
hw 275542

Broadband on Trains: Improving Passenger Experience and Expanding Business Opportunities

Broadband has become an important part of train travel, improving the passengers' connectivity experience and presenting significant business opportunities.
hw 275546

PON: Delivering Reliable Communications for Wind Farms

xPON technology is ideal for communications network buildouts for wind farms. It offers much higher reliability than traditional Ethernet rings and provides sufficient bandwidth for multiple services.
hw 275548

Wireless Networks: A Must-Have Hotel Amenity

As more guests use mobile devices, hotels need wireless networks featuring high reliability, ease of use, and low maintenance to deliver a superior guest experience.
hw 275585

LTE Technology: Facilitating Oil Field Operations

Oil companies want their oil production processes visualized, secure, and efficient. As a result, they require ICT technologies to improve production control and data collection, enhance security monitoring, and make field scheduling more efficient.

Success Story

hw 275550

The World's First Offshore LTE-Based Network– Norwegian North Sea LTE Wireless Coverage Case Study

This project is the world's first application of offshore LTE. Huawei's solution delivered a network that enables voice communications and data transmission between oil drilling platforms and FPSOs, oil tankers, and onshore stations within 37 kilometers.
hw 275552

Huawei Cloud Storage Shines at CERN– UDS Cloud Storage Project for the European Organization for Nuclear Research

"Establishing the link with CERN openlab gave us a fantastic opportunity to further develop our cloud storage products, and proved their worth in the extreme scientific research and mass data environment."

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