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Huawei Ultra-HD Media Production and Broadcasting Storage Solution at CCBN 2017, Building Core Competitiveness in the 4K Era

3/24/2017 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:

[Beijing, China, March 24, 2017] Huawei displayed its 4K ultra-HD media production and broadcasting storage and omni-media cloud solution powered on OceanStor 9000 at China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) 2017 held in Beijing. The event is hosted by the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio. The combined advanced industry solutions and rich service catalogs provide the core competencies in 4K to help media outlets stay on top in the new era. 

The arrival of the 4K era means broadcast stations and media outlets must be able to provide crisp, clear, and rich video content. However, many organizations are still providing regular HD in their programming as sources of 4K video content remain scarce, though viewers are calling out for more. Producing 4K video content requires a powerful arsenal of IT solutions with the storage performance playing a key role. Traditional NAS media production and storage solutions are unable to fully support the new advances, which has led to performance bottlenecks and a rapid increase in OPEX. Enterprises need a solution able to produce the ultra-HD content viewers demand on time.

The Huawei OceanStor 9000 is the first distributed NAS storage in the industry to support six layers of 4K ultra-HD editing. The on-board proprietary InfoTurbo technology is tailored to the technical requirements of the media industry. The application-aware prefetch algorithm is able to identify a variety of file formats, improving prefetch accuracy to over 98% and eliminating frame loss. Multi-channel bandwidth optimization features support mainstream operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Use of multiple network adapters and links means improved performance on the client side with simultaneous access to multiple nodes. Disk layout optimizations with intelligent algorithms allow improved data merges and sorting, solving the previous problems in disordered distribution of data blocks during writes for multiple files. Optimizations to disk read modes significantly reduce the frequency of head bounce while reducing latency and improving read performance. The Huawei solution is well suited for sport, news, movie, entertainment, and all other 4K video production requirements.

The Huawei Media Solution has been deployed at over 500 world-famous broadcasters and film production outfits, including the largest television stations in France (TF1), South Korea (KBS), Italy (Mediaset and RAI), Thailand (TrueVisions), and China (CCTV, Beijing TV, Shandong TV, Hunan TV, SHENZHEN TV, and Phoenix TV). Huawei continues to jointly innovate with partners in the broadcast and media industry in providing customer with a stable and highly efficient platform able to gear up to the core competencies needed for the 4K era.