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‘Intelligent Industries’ to Meet the Demands of a New Reality

2021-05-08 33
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The pandemic has been a significant catalyst for driving digital transformation and adopting intelligent technologies that enable enterprises to improve their speed, agility, and efficiency. In fact, by 2025, it is estimated that 97% of global enterprises will have implemented digital transformation through intelligent upgrades, according to Huawei's Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025 predictions.

Drawing from Huawei’s quantitative data and real-world use cases of how intelligent technology is permeating every industry, the GIV report predicts that data utilization will reach a rate of 86%, a staggering 90% of the world's population will use smart devices with smart assistant functions, and the number of global smart home appliances will increase to 20 billion.

Today, intelligent applications are a key driver of growth and transformation across industries. The effect can be seen across life, work, and society as industrial applications begin to solve our most pressing issues. Here we take a closer look at how intelligent applications are shaping key industries.

Smart Manufacturing

As manufacturers navigate economic uncertainty, trade tensions, and supply chain disruption, many are moving toward Industry 4.0 to transform their operations from labor-intensive to innovation- and technology-driven. This transformation requires new capabilities and intelligent applications designed for different industrial needs.

mxManufacture SDK is a key intelligent application based on the Ascend smart manufacturing solution. At Huawei's Songshan Lake Southern Factory, the application has been deployed to enable intelligent quality inspections of Huawei’s production lines. Using 20-megapixel HD industrial cameras, objects such as labels, nameplates, screws, and glue spreading of electronic assembly products can be inspected with 99.9%+ accuracy. This reduces the inspection workload by more than 60% and improves efficiency by three times.

Smart Campus

Whether it is a university, school, hospital, or car park, campuses are an important part of our working and daily lives and, in today’s digital economy, we expect reliable and efficient connectivity. However, many campus networks do not allow for interconnection between campuses or departments and are plagued by inadequate security protection, low operations efficiency, and high management costs.

To combat this, Huawei Ascend and AxxonSoft have developed an intelligent video analysis platform that enables vehicle identification, behavior analysis, smoke detection and fire alarm, track tracing, object monitoring, and heat map analysis. The platform is suitable for various campuses, making anything from smart commercial complexes and industrial parks to parking lots more intelligent, convenient, and secure. Technology empowers campuses to accelerate digital transformation and become more efficient, comfortable places for people to live and work.

Smart Transportation

Transportation enables mobility in the physical world, and mobility results in data exchange in the digital world. This point of connection between the physical and digital worlds is where the digital era begins. Ascend and its partners jointly launched the all-in-one video aggregation and processing solution to help implement network-wide intelligence for smart highways. Combining the cloud, network nodes, and devices, the highway video cloud networking platform enables management personnel to monitor the road status by detecting vehicle movement and the surrounding environment. The data generated from this is then stored on local devices and transmitted to the management platform for smart decision making. The highway video cloud network is used to detect road status, control events, assist traffic management, and serve road passengers. The aim of intelligent highways is to provide smooth operations across road networks by implementing quicker and more intelligent traffic management to ensure more convenient and enjoyable road travel.

Smart Finance

China Merchants Bank (CMB) is a pioneer of digital transformation in China's banking industry. Positioning itself as a fintech bank, CMB continuously pursues an asset-light strategy, applying technical innovation and smart applications in its daily operations. Traditional banks are known for being inefficient and requiring customers to wait for a long time before being served. To address this problem, CMB has deployed the Ascend smart outlet solution to implement a cloud network that connects and authorizes data sharing between branches within the network. Now, service personnel can better learn customers’ needs and add a more personal touch to banking services. This has reduced customer waiting time by 70%, resulting in a 50% increase in customer satisfaction.

Smart Catering

How well a restaurant is managed can determine whether a patron dines there a second time. For example, if a customer is made to wait in a long queue before enjoying a meal or paying their bill, they may not return to the restaurant. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved with intelligent catering technology. Based on Ascend, Sodexo cooperates with Pushi Technology to introduce smart image recognition functions to the check-out. The application automatically recognizes the dishes the customer has chosen and enables fast bill payment. Bills can also be auto-deducted, allowing customers to complete the payment without a member of the restaurant staff.

In the past, it took around 20 seconds to complete a manual settlement. Now, it takes 3 seconds. The system can also collect turnover and order statistics, offering a new intelligent catering experience for restaurant management personnel.

Smart Healthcare

To accurately diagnose and treat COVID-19 using lung CT scans, doctors must read hundreds of images, placing them under enormous pressure. The Ascend & YITU Healthcare’s Automatic Evaluation System alleviates this pressure by enabling doctors to read images quickly through automatic medical imaging diagnosis. By simply deploying the diagnostic system on the cloud or on-premises, doctors receive results within 10 to 15 seconds. This improves efficiency by more than 50 times and accuracy by 99%, giving doctors another tool to help them make fast decisions about diagnosis and treatment.

Smart Railway

Due to the changing conditions surrounding railways, such as different weather patterns and long-distance travel, traditional video analysis systems are no longer effective for safety monitoring and often result in false alarms, especially during the night. Huawei has collaborated with partners to develop the Ascend-powered railway perimeter protection solution. This solution delivers the highest-quality, all-weather, long-distance, and large-scale video surveillance in the industry. It enables the system to work properly at night, in rainy and snowy weather conditions, and various environments. The system controls pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) rotation and lens zooming to automatically identify abnormal objects within a radius of 1,500 meters, such as intrusions, illegal construction, and sudden fires. This provides a more intelligent railway perimeter protection.

By the end of 2020, more than 700 cities and 253 Fortune 500 companies had selected Huawei as their digital transformation partner. Huawei is committed to open collaboration and global operations and will continue to work with global partners to cultivate an open industry ecosystem and build a more intelligent world.


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