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Basic Network Implementation Service

Huawei’s Basic Network Implementation Service helps customers efficiently install devices and integrate solutions. Huawei uses its product and technical advantages, project management experience, and best practices to provide a service that covers multiple scenarios, such as WAN/campus, mobile networks, and enterprise cloud communications.

Meticulous solution testing and verification processes ensure smooth migration and stable operations of customers’ service systems for optimal user experiences.

Advanced project implementation processes, management, and tools minimize risks in system upgrades and enable fast commercial use of new services.

Quality deployment solutions drastically shorten the system deployment time, reduce related costs, and help customers achieve financial stability and success.


  • WAN/Campus Network Implementation Service

  • SDN Implementation Service

  • Mobile Network Implementation Service

  • Enterprise Cloud Communications Implementation Service

SDN Implementation Service

With a wealth of experience, excellent expert teams, and advanced tools and processes, Huawei SDN implementation service ensures compatibility between customer’s existing platforms and devices and meets customers’ service requirements. Huawei SDN implementation service covers SDN service integration implementation and verification, as well as service migration.

Mobile Network Implementation Service
Mobile Network Implementation Service

Helps formulate implementation, testing and verification, joint commissioning of systems, migration of networks, and acceptance and management of projects in new construction, migration, and capacity expansion. It also helps customers rapidly deploy and interconnect systems, configure services, and enable quick service rollout.

Enterprise Cloud Communications Implementation Service
The Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communications solution integrates capabilities such as HD video, instant messaging, collaborative conferencing, and contact center functions. Huawei’s implementation service tailors this solution to support a variety of communications scenarios. 

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