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Channel Partner Enablement Guidance

Huawei provides various enablement activities for channel partners, Channel partners can select enablement methods based on their business requirements.

CSP Professional Competence Certification

Huawei has developed CSP certifications to motivate channel partners improve their service capabilities. Through this certification, channel partners can demonstrate their competency in various product domains to gain more business opportunities and enjoy various benefits. Refer to Huawei Channel Service Program

Introduction to Huawei’s Certification System

Huawei provides Career and Specialist Certifications in accordance with the CSP certification competence requirements.

Career Certification:

Huawei provides three levels of Career Certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. Career Certification is based on IP, IT, CT, and ICT convergence technology provided by Huawei to enable engineers to demonstrate their professional knowledge and skills in various technical domains.

For more information, visit the Huawei Enterprise website (Link)

Specialist Certification:

Huawei provides Specialist Certification for those who desire to acquire specific technical skills. This certification can help channel partner employees gain a competitive edge in customer relationship development, product sales, product technologies, or customer service. Specialist Certification includes Sales, Pre-sales, Solution and Field Specialist, and Customization Development.

For more information, visit the Huawei Enterprise website (Link)

Introduction to Huawei’s Training System

If a CSP fails to meet the requirements for certification standards, it must undergo a six-month improvement period to ensure that it has the necessary product-service capabilities before it can perform any project delivery work. Huawei has developed various training to help channel partners improve their capabilities during the improvement period.

Channel partner engineers can participate in the training by any of the following methods:

1. HALP training

A Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP) is a professional training organization that is authorized by Huawei to implement Huawei’s certification training programs under Huawei’s supervision and management. There are more than 100 HALPs in over 70 countries. HALP’s trainers are Huawei-certified professional trainers. Channel partner engineers not only can learn about Huawei products and technologies at a local HALP, but also get hands-on experience.

To find a local HALP and a HALP’s class schedule, click here

2. E-Learning

Huawei’s E-Learning platform provides extensive learning resources, including online courses, live virtual classes, and eLab. As a result, channel partner engineers can participate in interactive, independent, customized learning services anytime, anywhere.

To visit the E-Learning platform, click here

3. Huawei training

In addition to HALP training and e-Learning, Huawei helps channel partners further improve their capabilities with Instructor-Led Training courses on relevant products, technologies, processes, standards, and project management. Channel partners can contact the local Huawei Channel Service Manager to participate in these training courses.

Certification Exam and Application for Certificate

Channel partner engineers must pass Huawei’s certification exams in order to get a Huawei certificate. Huawei’s certification exams are entrusted to Prometric. Test-takers must select a test date and location, and pay for the exam in advance. After passing the exam, candidates can apply for corresponding Huawei certificate on the Huawei Enterprise website.

Channel partner engineers can schedule their tests in the following ways:

  1. Schedule the tests on the Prometric website (Link).
  2. Schedule the tests at the local test center authorized by Prometric. Click here to query the local test center: A candidate receiving a passing score from the test center may apply for certification on the Huawei Enterprise website (Link)

Fast-track Certification Path

Huawei provides a fast-track certification path for channel partner engineers who have obtained certifications issued by other vendors, and helps those engineers quickly attain Huawei certification.

Currently, this fast-track certification path is available only for the Routing and Switching domain. Channel partner engineers who have met the qualification requirements need to take only one exam — HCNP-R&S Fast (exam code: H12-224). After passing the exam, they will qualify for the Huawei HCNP-R&S certificate.

For more information about the fast-track certification path, please contact your local Huawei Channel Service Manager.

Training Fund for Channel Partners

Huawei has set up a training fund to encourage channel partners to improve their product and technical capabilities. Channel partners can use this fund to pay for HALP training and to buy exam vouchers. For more details, please refer to Partner Enablement Funding.

These may vary in different regions. Please contact your local Huawei Channel Service Manager for detailed information.

For more information please visit: http://Enterprise.huawei.com

You can also contact us at: Channelservice@huawei.com


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