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Shenzhen Power Supply Joins Huawei in Showcasing ICT Innovations

Huawei Kunpeng and Ascend Processors Power the Electric Power Industry

[Shenzhen, China, September 3, 2019] At today's Digital Power Grid Technology Innovation and Application Summit, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Huawei announced their achievements in collaboration. The subsidiary of the China Southern Power Grid has joined the global ICT solutions provider in an ICT innovation lab exploring industry solutions built on Huawei's Atlas AI computing platform, Kunpeng computing industry ecosystem, 5G, and IoT technologies. He Xiqiang, deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid, and Wang Tao, member of Huawei's Board of Directors and president of Huawei ICT Strategy & Marketing, were in attendance at the press conference held at the Westin Shenzhen Nanshan hotel.

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Huawei joint launch ceremony

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau is experienced in O&M and specific industry requirements, while Huawei is expert in technological R&D. Together, they have innovated solutions for constructing and inspecting digital power grids. Among these pioneering solutions are the Atlas AI solution with Ascend AI processors, Kunpeng processor full-stack solution, IoT devices for global power transmission and transformation production, and the world's first 5G+ power distribution pilot project.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) was a highlight at the conference. AIoT video inspection outshines traditional methods by guaranteeing secure and stable running of power transmission lines. 20 days by manual inspection is now only two hours, an 80x faster process enabled by AI edge inspection. Powered by Huawei's Atlas 200 AI accelerator module, this revolutionary inspection mode detects potential threats that evade manual inspection and with greater accuracy.

Lv Zhining, director of the Bureau's Information Center, said: “We currently have nearly 2,000 surveillance cameras and drones on power transmission sites. They are all connected online and powered by Huawei's Atlas 200 AI accelerator module. AI automatic power transmission is now a reality.”

Lv Zhining, Director of the Information Center of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau

Huawei's Kunpeng ecosystem was another star at the conference. It made its debut in the electric power industry with a full stack of IDC hard/software resources, including operating systems, processors, servers, and storage devices. With this solution, an electric power XTR application porting verification platform is now the first of its kind to provide technological verification assurance for the stability and compatibility of core electric power services ported to the Kunpeng computing industry ecosystem.

The ICT joint innovation lab also leverages Huawei technological support in its first successful pilot of 5G technology in the global electric power industry. This innovative application of ultra-broadband and low-latency pipeline electric power services has expanded the possibilities for electric power services that traditionally could be deployed due to communications constraints.

Zhang Yinggeng, director of Huawei's China Intelligent Computing Marketing & Industry Development, said: “To help our partners in the electric power industry grow, Huawei provides AI products and solutions powered by our own processors. Together, we cultivate and utilize the fertile soil of Kunpeng ecosystem.”

Zhang Yinggeng, Director of China Intelligent Computing Marketing & Industry Development, Huawei

With this showcase of the remarkable achievements of their joint innovation, China Southern Power Grid and Huawei have expressed their mutual willingness to continue innovating, aiming to enrich both the entire industry ecosystem and national digital transformation.

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