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Huawei Anti-DDoS Solution Shields Alibaba

2014/4/28 10:26:12


On China’s Singles’ Day in 2013, eCommerce giant Alibaba exceeded $5.8 billion dollars worth of eCommerce and payment platform transactions. These transactions surpassed the USA’s Black Friday sales by four times, with Alibaba’s number of transactions peaking at 790,000 transactions per minute. This volume of traffic required a highly secure and stable cloud platform.


As a cloud services leader, Alibaba suffers hundreds of millions of malicious network attacks per day, with DDoS attacks being particularly harmful, as they interrupt the network and crash servers. Hackers use large-volume DDoS attacks to cause network and resource congestion, as well as Trojan horses and data theft. To counter these attacks, Alibaba needed to build a hierarchical, multi-dimensional security system that protects against DDoS attacks and meets the following requirements:

  • Identifies DDoS attacks and adopts defense measures rapidly
  • Provides high performance and flexible expansion capability
  • Deploys quickly and operates easily


Alibaba approached Huawei to test their Anti-DDoS solution against all the attacks that Alibaba had collected on the live network. Huawei’s Anti-DDoS Solution defended against each of the attacks successfully. In addition, the tenant-based protection policy, traffic models, and detailed report functionality were easy to apply. As a result, Alibaba engineers could complete the tests without Huawei’s assistance. Huawei’s Anti-DDoS Solution passed all the tests on the live network.

In 2011, Alibaba’s cloud platform encountered a series of DDoS attacks. Alibaba deployed the Anti-DDoS solution and, within only two seconds, the solution cleared all attack traffic without affecting customer services. Since then, Huawei’s Anti-DDoS Solution has protected Alibaba’s cloud platform and, by extension, its customers.


In November 2013, Alibaba encountered multiple DDoS attacks, with the highest attack traffic at 19 Gbit/s and the lowest at 500 Mbit/s. Reports showed that Huawei’s Anti-DDoS Solution protected Alibaba from multiple DDoS attacks, ensuring network security and availability all day. Huawei’s Anti-DDoS Solution continues to protect Alibaba from more than 100 DDoS attacks per day, with more than 40,000 DDoS attacks each year.

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