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Fusion CCC Improves Online Ticketing

2017/4/22 0:00:00

Chinas Largest Online Ticketing Platform 12306 en


China Railway Corporation began construction of China’s official online train ticketing platform (www.12306.cn) in 2011. Phase I construction of the platform was completed by the end of 2012. The platform passed acceptance tests in September 2013, and started providing basic booking functions to Internet and mobile phone users, with a maximum booking capability of 5 million tickets per day. 

Plans for Phase II of the railway ticketing platform included construction of a second, active-active data center. Goals included: Significantly increasing the rate of ticket bookings, enhancing system security and reliability, and providing a more diverse range of services to users.


The Phase I ticketing platform operated stably and withstood the test of China’s Spring Festival travel season in 2013. Although the platform met overall technical specifications, there were significant gaps in terms of system security and reliability, transaction processing capabilities, and service functions. The platform needed further enhancements to deliver non-stop services and accommodate its continuously growing business requirements. Phase II was planned to meet the following specific goals and requirements: 

  • Book 10 million tickets over the Internet and through mobile phones, and 3 million tickets over landline telephones
  • Provide mission-critical services with two active-active data centers in order to remove single points of failure, and thus prevent suspension of key services 
  • Enhance system security in order to prevent malicious booking behavior by illegal ticket resellers and tech-savvy users who use technical means to trick the booking system 
  • Optimize existing booking and train services to provide travelers with a better user experience 
  • Optimize marketing decision-making subsystems for passenger transportation in order to improve Operations and Management (O&M) of the railway company that runs the ticketing service
  • Improve O&M of the ticketing platform to ensure all-inclusive and integrated monitoring of ticket-booking services 


Huawei designed a Fusion Command and Control Center (CCC) Solution that featured an active-active architecture. Now, with two active-active data centers, there would be enhanced ticket booking capabilities and a more reliable transaction system. 

  • High-performance service platform:
    Huawei FusionServer E9000s are deployed in clusters to perform mission-critical services that require high concurrent data processing capacities, such as the online ticket booking service and train seat data processing. The modular design of the integrated server, FusionServer E9000, would deliver industry-leading computing, storage, switching capabilities, and enhanced reliability. 
  • Non-blocking converged network:
    Huawei CloudEngine series data center switches would provide an integrated network with low delay. By combining a Cluster Switch System (CSS), convergence, and stacking technologies, the switches would help to build a highly reliable core and converged networks that could deliver high-speed access free from single points of failure.
  • Enhanced security:
    Huawei’s USG9500 series of firewalls would provide enhanced end-to-end security protection for the data centers. 
  • Intra-city and remote disaster redundancy:
    Huawei’s OceanStor series of storage systems would provide reliable storage for electronic tickets and train seating data. The active-active data centers would reduce latency to 1 millisecond. 


The Huawei Fusion CCC Solution helped the customer build an enhanced data center that delivers industry-leading concurrent calculation capability and incorporates thorough security measures. 

  • New platform sells 10 million online tickets per day:
    The use of high-performance servers increase the ticket data querying capabilities and processing speed of the ticketing platform by 75 times. Performance has increased from 300 to 400 queries per second to 26,000 queries per second. Individual query waiting time decreased from 15 seconds to 0.2 second. The ingress traffic processing capability increased from 4 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, and is expected to increase to 30 Gbit/s in the future.  
  • End-to-end protection ensures service reliability:
    The data centers implement security protection. Mission-critical services are securely isolated to protect the ticketing system against intrusion and guarantee service security. 
  • Active-active data centers deliver robust disaster redundancy:
    With the data centers located in separate sites in one city, the architecture implements geographic disaster redundancy. 
  • The architecture ensures zero data loss and continuous operation of the system in case of network failure.

These features have refined the ticket operator’s business management so that it not only can sell more tickets, but also provide passengers with a diversified range of services. As a result of the Huawei solution, customer experience and railway operations have improved.

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