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Navigating Change: How COVID-19 is Impacting IT Markets IDC Maggie Slowik

Maggie Slowik, a senior research analyst for IDC, took the attendees thought the highlights of the research beginning with the overview of how COVID 19 has impacted the global IT market. She focused on the changes in Nordic, CEE, and Turkey region, the impact on the IT-infrastructure market, specific infrastructure products, and the impact on industry verticals. According to Maggie Slowik, during the global health crisis, many businesses were not prepared enough to deal with the consequences of the outbreak. They had to adapt quickly to a new normal. More now than ever, the companies will make use of more informational technologies to operate in a whole new way potentially. The new technologies will drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation. ''By investing in new business models and new digital approaches to managing their organizations, enterprises can emerge stronger from the crisis.'' - said Maggie Slowik.