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    Huawei Enterprise Roadshow 2022 - Slovakia

    Venue: Hotel Color - Pri Starom mýte 1, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

Join us 8th September 2022

Come and discover Huawei innovations! Find our campus, data center, cloud, WAN, services and more, as well as our industry-leading solutions for various industries: government, education, healthcare, ISP, finance, transportation, manufacturing and retail. You will have the opporunity to meet our team of experts and try our products live.

Huawei simplifies the digital and green transformation of its customers and partners, helps them take full advantage of the latest technologies and prepare for the changes ahead by working together to create value.


Huawei TECH4ALL holds that for the world to grow and develop, everyone has four basic rights, education, environment, health, and development.  

Intelligent Campus

Huawei CloudCampus Solution, Agile, Reliable, Intelligent, Open and Secure, Ideal for Fully-Wireless, Intelligent Campus Network, meets all scenario requirements   

Full-Stack Data Center

Huawei full-stack data centers are designed to renew digital infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation, help customers evolve data centers.   


Huawei helps ISPs to build more reliable, stable, and low-latency networks in the region. Together with partners, Huawei accelerates the development of all-optical and intelligent R&D, management, and operation of Internet service enterprises.   

Electric Power

Huawei provides electric power companies with scenario-based solutions, including multi-station integration, integrated energy services. Such solutions help companies make the most of their infrastructure and resources, effectively digitalizing services in enterprise and public spheres.   


Powered by an ecosystem of connected devices, constructed for all scenarios. In this environment, three strategic initiatives from Huawei aim to transform financial institutions into fully-equipped, digital ecosystem-based enterprises.   


Huawei clouds provide stable, reliable, secure, and innovative cloud services, enabling applications, data, serving as the foundation of the intelligent world, and promoting inclusive AI that is affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable.   


Here you will find the E2E digital infrastructure construction solution, based on Huawei NEC unified management platform + optical transmission and access + microwave + AR+WiFi to help governments to create value at all different levels.   


The smart education solution uses the Huawei IdeaHub as the teaching entrance and works with industry partners to provide customers with digital, online, and offline innovative teaching experiences and facilitate high-quality education resource sharing.