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Solution Overview

FusionCompute virtualizes hardware resources by deploying a hypervisor on physical servers, allowing one physical server to function as multiple virtual ones. By consolidating existing workloads onto a smaller number of servers with FusionCompute, you can use idle servers to deploy new applications and solutions, driving up server utilization. Moreover, the virtualized infrastructure features high availability and resiliency. It allows for fast, automated recovery of workloads upon failure, making IT more adaptive to changes.


Solution Architecture

  • FusionCompute:

    Consists of Virtual Resource Management (VRM) and Computing Node Agent (CNA); virtualizes servers, storage, and networks, and builds elastic resource pools for automated resource scheduling and management.

    FusionCompute Pro:

    Offers backup and disaster recovery from the application layer to VMs and disk arrays. They offer data replication in storage arrays and on hosts, and a backup and disaster recovery solution at the file level.

    eBackup (backup software):

    Works with FusionCompute to back up specified VMs, volumes, and disk arrays according to preset policies, ensuring the security of mission-critical data.

    UltraVR (DR management software):

    Supports remote replication, active/standby DR, metropolitan active-active DR, and geo-redundant DR, protecting business continuity in some of the most extreme conditions.

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