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  • Online Office

    Regular meeting Remote training Event response
  • Remote Education

    Teacher Interview Video class Content sharing
  • Telemedicine

    Remote consulting Medical training ICU video check

Simple Solution and Easy Installation

  • High


  • One Week Delivery

    Without Endpoints

  • Easy


Choose a Package Based on Your Organization’s Needs

  • Minimum Configuration

    Support 30 concurrent users

    1. CloudVC
      Software & License

      90 days FREE

    2. X86 Server * 2PCS
      (30 concurrent users)


  • Expansion Configuration

    Support 132+ concurrent users

    1. CloudVC
      License * N

      90 days FREE

    2. X86 Servers * N

Download Soft Client App

Add Dedicated Video Conference Endpoints (Optional)

*Endpoint pricing is based on 1080p30 models, with a delivery lead time of 45 days.

Connect with Local Huawei Partners

* The final interpretation belongs to Huawei, support email: vincent.shi@huawei.com

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