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Increased Network Agility for Better Business Performance

| By William Xu, CEO, Huawei Enterprise Business Group

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is sweeping the information and communications industry. At the center of this far-reaching network transformation we find intelligence, automation, programmability, and an open system architecture.

As companies continue IT capacity expansion, traditional networks present troublesome problems, including inflexible applications deployment, low resource utilization, and high operating costs. The surging popularity of cloud services and applications further aggravates the situation. The central premises of cloud computing are scalability, multi-tenant resource sharing, and automated control. Underpinned by data center networks, cloud computing companies must resolve the problems of virtualizing networks and automatic orchestration of network and IT resources.

SDN-powered networks provide a new approach to meeting these challenges. SDN architectures provide a centralized control function for delivering novel end-to-end capabilities. We anticipate groundbreaking business solutions by offering highly flexible and controllable solutions that add functionality and simplify network operation and maintenance. Ideally suited to cloud data center scenarios, SDN is a paradigm shift towards intelligent operation of enterprise networks.

Emerging from the backdrop of ICT convergence, SDN will cover all aspects of IT, IP, unified communications, and mobility. With Huawei's long-term leadership in technology R&D, and rich experience in ICT and network build-outs, we are ideally positioned to build future-focused solutions for our customers.

Huawei is sparing no effort to establish a presence through SDN products, standards, and joint innovations with customers by leveraging integrated data centers, campus networks, and end-to-end wide area networks. We control and manage physical and virtual networks in a unified manner, to bring intelligent and agile data centers into reality.

Huawei is enabling network openness and programmability at all layers in our effort to develop the most user-friendly network architectures. We are providing a full range of SDN products and solutions, to help our enterprise customers gain first-mover advantage in the age of ICT convergence.

Amid the evolution of network towards an SDN architecture, we are capitalizing on our carrier-level success and ICT product innovations to assist customers in the deployment of reliable, robust, and intelligent networks. We are committed to helping customers become the big winners in the SDN revolution!

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