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ICT Insights Issue 6 (07/2013)

Main Topic

Xu Wenwei

Increased Network Agility for Better Business Performance

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is sweeping the information and communications industry. At the center of this far-reaching network transformation we find intelligence, automation, programmability, and an open system architecture.

Cover Story

hw 311140

The Progression of Holography into Business– An interview with Dr. V. Michael Bove, Jr. MIT Media Lab

The ultimate goal of holography is to make very rich communication systems. If we do it well, the human/computer interface disappears; this will change the mode of how we get the information, how we use the information, and how we share the information.
hw 311142

A New Standard for Training in the ICT Era

Successful ICT integrations require three things: A well designed solution, the appropriate equipment on which to operate the solution, and perhaps the most challenging, proper training to keep everything up and running.

Feature Story

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Huawei Enterprise Business: Four-Dimensional SDN Deployment

Huawei is working proactively on SDN product, solution, and standards deployments, as well as joint innovation with customers. By combining virtualization and cloud-computing, Huawei SDN focuses on the open programmability of each network layer, and aims for the gradual evolution of integrated networks.
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Huawei Overtaking the SDN Industry– Huawei's Shannon Laboratory Takes the Lead in Industry Tests

The SmartNet project team at Huawei's Shannon Laboratory has successfully developed advanced SDN technologies after analyzing prevalent design implementations, such as the introduction of MDA-D best practice, industry-leading SSDN, and SDN control and forwarding technologies.
hw 311120

SDN Views from a Huawei Employee at ONS 2013

Open Networking Summit 2013 turned out to be a great success, and its media coverage was widespread. What does the future hold for SDN? Let's take a look at the notes and insights from an attending Huawei employee.
hw 311122

IDC White Paper, Sponsored by Huawei:Driving Business Value with BYOD

IDC believes that BYOD platform approaches are designed to grow with the organization as needs evolve. Organizations need to consider scalability, flexibility, and multi-faceted security systems that incorporate devices, networks, content, and usage patterns.

Industry Focus

6 Focus头像

Agile Network, Agile World

Huawei has launched the Agile S12700 Series, the industry's first Agile Network Architecture, SDN-ready switches.
hw 311129

SDN Solution for Data Center Networks

Huawei SDN architecture for data center networks makes use of a cloud service-driven hierarchy, unified network virtualization, cloud experience optimization, and sustainable migration. SDN ensures data center networks can keep pace with IT development regardless of performance or features.
hw 311132

Manageable Data Center Internet on Wide Area Networks

Traffic control and network monitoring are the first steps for deploying SDN on the data center Internet. SDN controller technologies are the foundation for all-service-based traffic control and flexible schedule management developments that have followed.
hw 311135

SDN: The Best Answer to Campus Network Challenges

Based on Huawei's core programmable network technology and unified policy control, the company has launched two SDN solutions for campus networks: Programmable Hybrid SDN and Wireless and Wired Integrated Policy Control. These SDN solutions break the barriers to the smooth evolution to next-generation SDN campus networks.
hw 311138

SDN: The Solution for More Intelligent Distributed Cloud Data Centers

Traditional data centers, with predesigned network architecture and devices, have high costs and low flexibility. In contrast, SDN-based distributed data centers can provide intelligent network services that are efficient and flexible, enhancing the SLA for upper-layer services in the data center.
hw 311124

SDN is Redefining Our Networks

In data centers, SDN solves multi-tenancy problems created by frequent and rapid virtual machine migrations.
hw 311126

Huawei Agile Network: A Solution for the Three Major Problems Facing Traditional Networking

Huawei Agile Network provides a highly adaptive network architecture that solves the three major problems facing traditional networking – lack of user-experience guarantees, inefficient service deployment, and slow adaptation to new services. Huawei Agile Network lays the foundation necessary to establish quality and efficient networks for customers.

Success Story

hw 311144

Huawei Container DC: Innovation Begins at Home

A next-generation DC could be regarded as the ideal vessel for cloud computing. Huawei has deployed its desktop cloud container DC solution for in-house use; it has been recognized by the industry as one of the most reliable and capacious solutions of its kind.
hw 311146

EventCity Manchester Excels with Huawei 10 G Campus Network Solutions

EventCity has gained significant, measurable benefits by upgrading to Huawei's 10 G Campus Solution, with room to grow their business over the life of the network. As a result, EventCity's customers immediately noticed improved network accessibility during peak load activity.

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