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Focus: Modern IT Energizing All Industries

Over the past few years, ICT technologies (particularly cloud computing and mobility) have expanded across all business operations, from routine operations management and production, to sales and customer service. Government organizations and enterprises from different industries all recognize the role of ICT technologies in driving growth, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. But enterprises need to navigate different ICT industry trends as they seek to modernize their IT organizations. How can enterprises ascertain which IT approach works best for their situation? How can they select suitable ICT technical solutions to address their current problems? These are key questions facing all executives, especially CIOs. With these questions in mind, ICT Insights Issue 5 analyzes ICT trends across different industries.

  • Industry Analysis

Intelligent Financial Networks: The Future of Information Architecture in Banking

Three Development Trends in e-Government: Cloud, Collaboration, and Big Data

Creating Nationwide e-Health Records for China by 2020

  • Technical Solutions

Broadband on Trains: Improving Passenger Experience and Expanding Business Opportunities

LTE Technology: Facilitating Oil Field Operations

PON: Delivering Reliable Communications for Wind Farms

Wireless Networks: A Must-Have Hotel Amenity

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