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ICT as an Engine for Enterprise Innovation and Transformation

| By Patrick Zhang, President of Marketing & Solutions Dept, Huawei Enterprise Business Group

ICT, characterized by cloud computing, mobility, Big Data, and social media, better positions enterprises to drive improvements in their IT infrastructure and rapidly enhance their operating performance.

ICT systems have been recast as business-enabling centers, and are considered a core business advantage for innovation and transformation. A recent survey by a renowned research firm revealed that ICT:

• Decreased operating costs for 25 percent of companies.

• Produced significant efficiency improvements for 53 percent of companies.

• Added key drivers for attaining business goals in 15 percent of companies that have successfully integrated ICT into business operations.

• Created new business frontiers for 6 percent of companies that have pursued market opportunities presented by ICT transformations.

• Established core competitive advantages for 1 percent of companies that have leveraged ICT transformations to redefine market and competition rules.

Through partner collaboration, Huawei is ideally placed to provide high-quality, customized ICT solutions to customers around the globe, including over 100 government and public service organizations, 160 power companies, 200 financial institutions, and 1,000 transportation companies. Of particular note, nine of the world's top 20 petroleum and natural gas companies as well as six of the world's top 10 banks have chosen Huawei as their ICT solutions provider.

Huawei's ICT solutions deliver higher efficiency for industry customers in production, office administration, and operations. In Latin America, Huawei's unified communications solution has improved collaboration between, bank branches in dozens of cities, and improved communication efficiency by 10 percent. In West Africa, Huawei's Safe City solution allows city managers to strengthen municipal safety, accelerating crisis response and improving accident-handling efficiency by 30 percent. In Europe, Huawei's cloud storage solution facilitated the discovery of the "God particle" with the ability to capture 50 trillion bits of experimental data per second and store a massive amount of high-value data. For remote environments, Huawei's offerings have enabled power and energy companies to increase production and operating efficiency by 10 percent on average, while eliminating the need for costly satellite communications services.

With information technologies finding wider adoption in enterprises, ICT systems will evolve from support tools, to systems that enable decision-making, marketing, customer relationship management, and servicing. Huawei will continue leveraging innovative ICT technologies to better serve society with quality products and superior solutions. As the best partner of industry and enterprise customers, Huawei is well prepared to meet the challenges of IT innovation and transformation.

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