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New Choice for Enterprises in the ICT Era

By David He, President of Marketing at Huawei Enterprise Business Group

The next 10 years will be an important decade as Huawei shifts from CT to ICT. Huawei will transform itself into a global ICT leader and the optimal partner for global enterprises and industries.

The world is embarking on an era of ICT transformation. In this new era, the IT industry and the communications industry will experience tremendous changes and transformations. Traditional technical boundaries will be dissolved, and the contents and models of enterprise information applications will be significantly changed.

The world is experiencing many important trends. For example, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile networking are growing in popularity around the globe. Boundaries between enterprise and personal applications are being redefined. Similarly, the lines are becoming more blurred between the carrier, consumer, and enterprise markets. IT resources are no longer constrained on an enterprise's network infrastructure. Broadband access to enterprise office automation networks is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, such as tablet computers, smartphones, and other mobile terminals. The user base of enterprise networks and applications has expanded from employees alone to partners, suppliers, and even consumers. Amid these trends, enterprises must be poised to cope with the upcoming ICT challenges by selecting an experienced, innovation-focused partner that has a solid track record in cloud technology and services, networking products and solutions, and devices.

Huawei is such a partner. After more than two decades of unremitting effort, Huawei has established a leadership position in the global telecom industry. The next 10 years will be an important decade as Huawei shifts from CT to ICT. Looking ahead, the Huawei Enterprise Business Group, as one of the three business groups at Huawei, will adopt a series of proactive business strategies to attain the goal of annual contract sales revenues of 15-20 billion USD by 2015. Huawei will transform itself into a global ICT leader and the optimal partner for global enterprises and industries. By providing "A Better Way" solutions and services, Huawei can help customers take full advantage of the opportunities that come with ICT transformation.

The Huawei Enterprise Business Group operates by relying on the Huawei platform. We have a large customer base, a deep understanding of the ICT transformation requirements of enterprises, as well as a unique ability to help enterprises shift to ICT players. We provide a complete set of enterprise ICT products, which include enterprise networking, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), cloud computing and data center networking, and industry-specific products. Furthermore, we offer a variety of ICT solutions and professional services for vertical industries such as government, energy, transportation, electric power, finance, and ISPs.

In 2011, the Huawei Enterprise Business Group intensified efforts to develop marketing and sales channels. So far, more than 1,000 channel partners in China have joined the Huawei channel program, and our overseas channel partner development program reached full swing in 2011. We have also set up an Enterprise Business Department in each regional office around the world to support the development of our global business operations and build a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

The enterprise market is huge, but only a few competent global suppliers exist to serve it. We seek to change this situation and present enterprises and their customers with a new and better choice of partner. We also hope that our values — created in the global telecom market — can be replicated to the enterprise market.

"Openness, convergence, agility, and globalization" are core ideas that the Huawei Enterprise Business Group promotes to customers and partners in the enterprise market. As we look to the future, the Huawei Enterprise Business Group joins hands with all ICT stakeholders in building a healthier industry environment and embracing the ICT transformation era.

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