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Welcome to ICT Insights

By William Xu, CEO, Huawei Enterprise Business Group

With the ever-increasing convergence of IT and CT, the information and communications industry has arrived at an exciting crossroads. New technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, fixed/mobile broadband, and smart devices seem to be popping up every minute, while the demands that enterprises have on information applications and business models are constantly shifting.

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the business models for the IT industry. Anytime, Anywhere, and Any device have placed incredible demands on capacity, throughput, and transaction rates. Combined with the ubiquity of broadband networks, these changes have blurred the boundaries between enterprise networks and personal information applications.

The old industrial landscape is being shattered and a new one is taking shape. In such a rapidly changing era that calls for innovations, we must have an open vision to see the opportunities and pitfalls before us. During this sweeping transformation that calls for collaboration and win-win partnerships, we must clearly grasp the implications of industry trends.

ICT Insights, a magazine launched by Huawei Enterprise Business Group, is available to all in the industry as we experience these dramatic changes in ICT. This magazine provides a channel for industry experts to share their views on technological trends. It also opens a new window to the ICT world to reveal deeper insights, provide accurate analysis, and look ahead with forecasts of changes in the information and communications industry during this increasingly convergent era.

At Huawei, we are eager to collaborate with global enterprise customers and partners to address the challenges in ICT transformations, create a favorable industry value chain, and facilitate the healthy development of the global ICT industry. This collaboration will make information-based societies possible even faster than first anticipated.

Let's embrace this new world of ICT convergence and work together to create "A Better Way" to shape a bright future for the ICT industry.

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