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eLTE Industry Alliance Update

Founded in Nanjing, China in February 2014, the Alliance has established a global partner ecosystem that includes Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs), system integrators, consulting institutes, standards organizations, customers, and Value-Added Partners (VAPs). Now into our second year, the Alliance continues to attract new members thanks to a continued strong eLTE market growth and our partners’ extensive experience from across industries with a variety of custom end-to-end solutions for a wide range of customers from government agencies, enterprises, and other sectors.

The Latest Update of Alliance

During the 3rd eLTE Industry Alliance Summit, held May, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain — attended by seventy-two member organizations — the first eLTE Industry Alliance Steering Committee was formed, including representation from Huawei (Chairperson), Funkwerk, Jiaxun Feihong, Siemens CVC, TD Tech, and UK Broadband.

The goal of the Alliance is to support the rapid development of broadband trunking across governments, public security, transportation, energy, and other vertical industries, including:

  • Compliance with existing and future 3rd-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) international standards that are currently under development.
  • Co-ordination with the TETRA + Critical Communication Association (TCCA) for standardizing 3GPP broadband trunking technologies.
  • Proactively exploring LTE-Machine (LTE-M), LTE-Vehicle (LTE-V), and LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) technologies across industries.

eLTE Industry Alliance Member Success Stories

Nanjing Municipal Network

Nanjing Commway Communications (NCC) delivered an integrated mobile broadband wireless public administration platform in Nanjing, China. Working with Huawei to construct the Nanjing Municipal Network, NCC provided a unified, eLTE-based command and communication solution to support a wide range of public safety services including visualized dispatch, remote monitoring of electrical and water infrastructure, video surveillance of transportation lines and key locations throughout the city, and mobile office functions. The Nanjing network was the world’s first LTE-based municipal broadband trunking network, and also the first to seamlessly integrate with the existing TETRA network that was already in operational use. In August 2013, Nanjing’s eLTE network was instrumental to the success of the Second Asian Youth Games and, after a year of further improvements, helped again to support the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

The 2015 Business Service Innovation Award was presented by Global Telecoms Business (GTB) in recognition of the Nanjing municipal broadband network for Huawei’s continuing contributions to the development and innovation of LTE technology for the critical telecommunications industry.

UK Private Broadband

UK Broadband is a British wireless broadband provider that offers professional mobile communication and wireless broadband access services for government, telecommunication, and institutional partners in the UK. UK Broadband and Huawei partnered to construct multiple, private eLTE networks for system integrators, value-added service providers, and strategic partners for which UK Broadband provided frequency bands and services and Huawei packaged the wireless products and solutions. Leaders in the critical communications market in Europe, UK Broadband and Huawei have developed eLTE-specific applications for government and public affairs, intelligent transportation systems, and other large-scale enterprises.

Public Security in Kenya

Shanghai DS Communication Co., Ltd. worked with the Huawei Open eLTE Laboratory to develop, test, and integrate a full array of cutting-edge command center solutions that have been successfully provisioned in multiple countries, including Kenya, Ghana, and Laos. Integrated within each deployed system is an eLTE private network communications system that incorporates emergency dispatch, Geographic Information System (GIS), crisis analysis, contingency plan management, IP Contact Center (IPCC), and Interactive Video Services (IVS).

The solution enables Shanghai DS to provide secure, reliable, and unified emergency command services between different departments for the purposes of national security, natural disasters, and civil emergencies.

Vehicle-mounted eLTE for Shenzhen Metro

Shenzhen Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (SCT) is a system developer and device vendor in the rail transportation sector that covers research and development, manufacturing, and engineering deployment. SCT and Huawei collaborated to develop an End-to-End (E2E), eLTE-based vehicle-mounted terminal for Shenzhen Metro Line 11. The solution supports the Passenger Information System (PIS), Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), and other vehicle-to-ground communication services. In addition to news and games, the real-time video services include operational monitoring of carriage, cab, and track conditions. The result is the capability for Shenzhen Metro to operate an integrated rail transportation system that delivers stable, secure, and reliable vehicle-to-ground broadband wireless communications.

GSM-R/LTE Dual-Mode Vehicle Terminal

Huawei and Funkwerk, one of the world’s foremost suppliers of railway communication systems based in Kölleda, Germany, jointly launched the world’s first GSM-R/eLTE dual-mode, vehicle-mounted terminal for solution for railways. Designed to support voice-based interworking between GSM-R and eLTE modalities, the Huawei-Funkwerk solution also meets the need for railway customers to have real-time vehicle video surveillance, and high-speed data communications for railway technical operations.

The founding of the eLTE Industry Alliance Steering Committee demonstrates the maturity of the Alliance after its first year of activity. With clear goals, the Alliance is building a cohesive partner network with the acknowledgment and support of the industry. With the consolidated support of 3GPP and TCCA, the Alliance expects to make solid contributions to international trunking standards for wider commercialization of hybrid broadband and narrowband critical communications technologies.

By Norman Frisch

Senior Marketing Director, Huawei Technologies, Inc.