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MAX PRESENCE: Agile Decision Making for Video Conferencing

More and more video conferencing users are deploying High-Definition (HD) systems in small- and medium-size businesses to improve image quality. Conventional systems, however, cannot provide an extended ability that allows additional participants or conference sites to view videos at the same time.

Huawei’s MAX PRESENCE system offers a cinema-like immersive experience that seamlessly integrates video conferencing with surveillance video and data transfer that enables two-way visualized decision-making a reality.

MAX PRESENCE incorporates an array of patented technologies that includes the co-optical panoramic imaging, Super Error Concealment (SEC), and lossless audio compression that, combined, provide superior HD video conference experiences.

Panoramic View

Featuring ten extra-large, 70-inch Digital Light Processing (DLP) high-contrast displays, MAX PRESENCE reproduces lifelike images. The system also offers ultra-wide panoramic video capture to enhance the communications experience.

The MAX PRESENCE system integrates four 1080p channels into the videoconferencing display, and simultaneously transmits three video streams and one content-sharing stream. When multiple desktops are sharing content through Video Graphics Array (VGA) connectors, users can effortlessly switch between content streams by simply pressing the Shiftkey on the keyboard. Optionally, MAX PRESENCE supports the multiplexing of four video signals into a single channel.

The system is also compliant with Advanced Audio Coding - Low Delay (AAC-LD) that, together with multi-channel sound localization, enable users to experience high-fidelity audio — for instance, the voice activation function enables the system to automatically present the video from the site with the loudest voice in a multi-party conference.

Four Display Modes

MAX PRESENCE offers four display modes for maximum user flexibility: Reporting, Panoramic Discussion, Full System, and Emergency Command.

  • In Reporting Mode, the system focuses on the speaker for close-ups onto the full HD ultra-wide display, enabling participants to concentrate on the speaker.
  • In Panoramic Consultation Mode, MAX PRESENCE composites a complete panoramic presence onto the ultra-wide display to add impact to the live communication experience.
  • In Full System Mode, each screen displays one site for multi-party conferences, which allows participants to view HD video feeds from up to ten sites.
  • In Emergency Command Mode, video conferencing feeds are combined with survei l lance video and data, enabl ing participants to view videos from the Command Center and seven other sites, implementing two-way visualized emergency command.

Visualized Command

Depending on bottom- layer protocol interoperability, MAX PRESENCE can interoperate with video surveillance systems and function as a Command Center for facilitating consultation, decision-making, and scheduling. The video surveillance systems collect source materials that can be presented to the Command Center for visualized emergency command that provides enhanced response and efficiency.

The Huawei VCN3000 is the core component of an all-in-one video surveillance platform. The adoption of N+0 cloud cluster technology allows users to implement backups for N devices without the need to purchase additional backup devices.

The VCN3000 is an open architecture system that supports dynamic load balancing across cloud nodes to ensure reliability. When a node is faulty, an active node automatically acquires services provided by the faulty node, resulting in significant improvement in video surveillance reliability. The VCN3000 also provides protection mechanisms at important hardware and system layers in order to deliver high service continuity and data integrity.

Building a Flagship Telepresence System

Huawei’s MAX PRESENCE system employs a single, unified transportation map for real-time command and scheduling:

  • In traffic surveillance scenarios, MAX PRESENCE can be deployed at transportation Command Center and interoperates with road surveillance systems. Its large screen allows users to check vehicular, traffic conditions at a glance.
  • In emergency command scenarios, the visual scheduling platform helps mitigate information silos by enabling video convergence across upper-layer and lower-layer surveillance systems.
  • In administrative conference scenarios, MAX PRESENCE supports access by a variety of endpoints, including panoramic and RoomPresence (RP) telepresence products, as well as HD videoconferencing products. The ability to cascade Huawei Multi-point Control Units (MCUs) enables the system to scale easily when customers have expansion demands.

Intuitive and efficient, the Huawei MAX PRESENCE also works extremely well as a remote training and operations data display.

By Duan Aiqing

Manager, Huawei Switch & Enterprise Communications Branding Department

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