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Quick Deployment of Broadband Trunking

The government and commercial agencies commissioned to handle civil emergencies and natural disasters require a flexible, reliable broadband communication solution dedicated to address specific challenges. For example, parties who must perform search and rescue operations in areas with weak or no network coverage require flexibility in network capacity to enable services. If and when communications facilities are seriously damaged, first responders must immediately establish a broadband link with the command center for transmitting on-site video and receiving visual data, such as maps and relief instructions.

When emergency service repair has to be performed in extreme outdoor environments, on-site personnel need to transmit images from their location to experts who are off-site for remote guidance. Or, in a case that calls for both public safety and convenience, for instance a major sporting event, the local telecommunication network may become overburdened and supplemental bandwidth deployed from a private network to ensure quality of service.

Huawei has developed a single, powerful solution to solve such challenges — the eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System, or eLTE Rapid. eLTE Rapid is a compact, integrated system designed to deploy emergency broadband trunking services quickly, or add additional bandwidth for time-sensitive situations.

Performing in Harsh Environments

The eLTE Rapid system, a broadband multimedia digital trunking system, is based on Huawei’s industry-leading LTE platform. The eLTE Rapid solution provides multimedia services that include voice trunking, data acquisition and transport, Geographic Information System (GIS), short messaging, and HD video. One eLTE Rapid system supports up to 20 trunking groups, 40 simultaneous voice or video calls, and a maximum of 100 users. The coverage radius is 2 to 8 kilometers, and the group call setup time is less than 300 ms. Each system provides pre-configured trunk groups that eliminate the need for registration, network planning, or parameter configuration.

Huawei’s eLTE Rapid system offers robust security, and is highly reliable and easily scalable. The system supports satellite, radio, wired network, and other transmission modes for exchanging information or interworking with existing remote emergency command systems. Designed for high performance in harsh environmental conditions, the eLTE Rapid is often used to provide emergency communications and broadband access for governments and public security agencies, as well as in the transportation, energy, and electric power industries.

Compact Design

The eLTE Rapid end-to-end solution incorporates custom chips, terminals, and applications. Essential system components include a laptop, a processing unit, and an RF unit. The laptop runs the eOMC network management software and dispatching console eDC system software. The processing unit houses the eSCN231 core network module along with the Multimedia Dispatching and Processing Center (eMDC), while the RF unit houses the eRRU. Optional components include a power unit, on-board accessories, and an antenna unit. The power unit consists of an uninterruptable power supply specified to last for at least four and a half hours. With light rain or strong winds, the main unit and power unit will continue to work for a short period of time without being covered. The RF and antenna units will operate continuously even during prolonged downpours.

Rapid Deployment

The Huawei eLTE Rapid platform can be vehicle-mounted or deployed in portable, ruggedized road cases. Without the need for tools, the compact case design of eLTE Rapid enables set-up within minutes. The road cases are light enough to be carried on the backs of first-responders if road conditions have deteriorated or the terrain is inaccessible to vehicles.

As of Q3, 2014, Huawei had signed contracts with sixty-six enterprise LTE network customers across in a wide variety of industries, including eleven transportation, six electric power, five energy, and nine wireless Internet Service Providers, as well as thirty-five government agencies. Huawei eLTE products and solutions have also been successfully deployed in the eGovernment private networks of the Nanjing and Tianjin municipalities, as well as the Safe Lijiang project in Guilin, Guangxi.

A responder deploys the eLTE Rapid system

By Ye Qinyan

Huawei Enterprise Marketing Execution Department

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