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Enterprises Embrace the Future with ICT

For 20-plus years, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have helped enterprises grow with streamlined processes, increased operating efficiency, and enhanced service innovations. The success of modern enterprises is deeply linked to the availability of ICT technologies.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) must routinely handle with multiple challenges simultaneously, which puts the onus for IT systems — exemplified by cloud computing platforms in our current environment — to be flexible and dynamic, to provide real-time business support and create added value.

Dr. Lei Wanyun, Director of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm) suggests that enterprises respond to these challenges by transforming their development, management, and business models to better position themselves for integration with the global economy and endure the dynamics of competition.

According to Bryan Wang, China Country Manager and Vice President Serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals for Forrester Research, enterprises face constantly emerging competitors, fast-changing Internet technologies requiring constant upgrades, and ever-intensifying consumer requirements. Successful enterprises must become increasingly agile to guarantee consistent, high-throughput knowledge transfer and the unification of key messages for delivery across a wide range of employees and customers.

When investing in new technology, enterprises must consider the agile architecture that best suits their long-term requirements.

Current best-practice recommends that enterprises make optimal use of cloud computing, Big Data, mobile Internet, and social networking. The enterprises that build better-connected networks are streamlining the industry chains that support all corporate business activities and reach end-users through their preferred channels and interfaces.

The enterprises who take full advantage of their internal and external information resources for making R&D, production, operation, and management decisions are well positioned to transform themselves for the longest foreseeable business futures.

In the better-connected world taking shape before our eyes we will communicate and collaborate more closely than ever. Efficient connectivity is essential for success now and in the future.

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