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Huawei Channel Service Program

This program specifically aims to enhance channel partners’ service capabilities, offer high-quality services to customers through the channel partnership and, ultimately, achieve triple win for customers, partners, and Huawei.


In the marketplace, Huawei offers two models of services, Huawei Services and Collaborative Services.

Huawei Services: Huawei Services can be resold by all Huawei channel partners but are delivered to customers by Huawei.

Collaborative Services: Collaborative Services can only be sold to channel partners with service capabilities. Channel partners integrate Collaborative Services into partner branded service solutions and sell and deliver the solutions to customers. Huawei provides Collaborative Services support to channel partners.

Huawei Service Certification Program

The Huawei Service Certification Program (HSCP) is a program that establishes service relationships between Huawei and its channel partners. Channel partners can join the HSCP and become qualified as Certified Service Partner (CSP). This program enables CSPs to collaborate and grow together with Huawei, provide customers with better services, and improve customer satisfaction. HSCP consists of the following six parts:

1.Certification and Review

CSP certification is provided by Huawei to certify the service capabilities of channel partners. Certification measures channel partners’ service qualifications and provide the basis for channel service management and incentive policies. There are three levels of CSP: 3-star, 4-star and 5-star. The higher the star grade is, the service capabilities of the CSP are the stronger. CSP certification includes CSP certification for 11 product domains and Networking CSP certification. The 11 product domains are Routing & Switching, Wireless LAN, Security, Transmission, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, IVS, Call Center, Cloud, Server & Storage, and UPS. Channel partners can select CSP certification for one or more product domains according to their business and capability development plans.

Channel partners’ CSP qualifications are reviewed regularly (usually annually) to ensure a good ecosystem for channel partners.

2.Channel Service Authorization

Authorization for service sales: All channel partners can resell Huawei services. Channel partners who have passed the Certified Service Partner (CSP) certification can be authorized to purchase Huawei Collaborative Services.

Huawei divides the delivery authorization for products into four categories: A, B, C, and D. For category-A products, the delivery of associated services is not authorized to channel partners. In principle, these services are delivered by Huawei. For category-B products, the delivery of associated services can be authorized. These services are delivered by Huawei or CSPs. For category-C and category-D products, associated services can be delivered by channel partners or customers. Product sales and delivery strategies are in the table below:



Delivery Strategy

Unauthorized products


It is recommended Huawei deliver services for these products.

Authorized products


It is recommended Huawei or a channel partner that has passed service certification in the relevant domain (CSP) deliver services for these products.

Low-end and distribution products


It is recommended channel partners or customers itself deliver and implement the products.

Device products


3.Channel Partner Enablement

Huawei provides various enablement activities for channel partners, including career certification, specialist certification, product training, process training, service sales training, project management training, and first-order support. Channel partners can select training methods based on their business requirements. Training includes Instructor-Led Training (ILT) provided by Huawei or a Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP), and Huawei’s e-Learning platform, or remote training courses.

4.Service Support

Huawei offers E2E support for channel partners’ businesses, including service sales, delivery, and platform support.

Service sales support: Huawei sends experts to support channel partners as they bid for key projects. Huawei experts will help channel partners review their project solutions and clarify customers’ questions

Service delivery support: with over 20 years of practical experience in the ICT industry, Huawei can provide professional delivery guidance for channel partners, including technical support process, engineering service process, on-site service standards, and more. For a product that will be delivered by a channel partner for the first time, Huawei provides on-site or remote first-node support. For major operations such as cutovers and large-scale upgrades, Huawei helps channel partners review their solutions and offers real-time remote quality assurance.

Service platform support: Huawei has 45 training centers, over 80 authorized training centers, 12 TACs that can offer technical support in 11 languages, and over 130 spare parts that provide good business support for channel partners.

5.Service Performance Evaluation Plan

The goal of Huawei’s service performance evaluations is to motivate CSPs to improve their service delivery quality, standardize their service delivery behaviors, build a strong brand presence for Huawei and channel partners’ services, and promote healthy business development for both parties. CSPs can make improvement plans with Huawei based on the service performance evaluation in order to improve customer satisfaction. CSP reviews and upgrades are based primarily on the results of performance evaluations, which may be applied to incentives for CSPs in the future.





Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with service delivery (including engineering and maintenance services)



Engineering service quality

Scores achieved in engineering quality inspections



Quantity of overdue unreturned spare parts

Quantity of spare parts that exceeded the specified period for replaced parts return



Key events

Major positive or negative service events that occurred during the evaluation period


Add or deduct points to final score

6.Service Incentives

Channel service incentives include discounts, rebates. The implementation rules may vary by region.

6.1 Discounts

Different rules for different service models:

Discount for Huawei Services: for Huawei Services including customer support, engineering implementation, and training services, a discount is given based on a channel partner’s tier instead of its CSP star grade.

Discount for Collaborative Services: a discount is given based on a channel partner’s CSP star grade.

6.2 Rebates

6.2.1 Sales rebate

Service sales are counted towards channel partners’ total sales. Huawei provides rebates according to the actual amount of channel partners’ service sales.

6.2.2 CSP Certification Incentive

CSPs which meet the CSP certification standards for 2015 and have the ability to deliver related Huawei products will be entitled to the CSP certification rebate for the corresponding product family in their certification domain.

Benefits of Joining the HSCP

HSCP embodies Huawei Enterprise’s business concept of openness, cooperation, and win-win. By attracting outstanding companies to be our CSPs, Huawei strives to achieve the win-win value transfer between Huawei and channel partners and, in that way, offer high-quality services to end users and create a market environment favorable to customers, channel partners, and Huawei.

With Huawei’s support in the enterprise business market, a CSP can:

  • Build its own service brand, stand out in the market, and become an industry leader
  • Deliver its own services and reap the benefits of the rights and incentives granted by Huawei
  • Leverage Huawei’s great strength in the ICT industry to expand markets quickly and achieve business breakthroughs
  • Use Huawei’s globalized platform to enlarge its business scope and increase the number of its accounts
  • Improve its technical capabilities through Huawei’s complete training system

CSPs can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Market development funds
  • Private CSP accounts to acquire technical documents, knowledge base, and training materials
  • E-Learning study, eLab, and exams
  • Join instructor lead training by Huawei senior trainers
  • Key project solutions reviewed by Huawei experts
  • First node support
  • Remote support for engineering installation in key projects
  • Solution review and remote assurance for major maintenance operations
  • CSP certification incentive


The program may vary in different regions. Please contact your local Huawei Channel Service Manager for detailed information.

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