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Canada Enterprise Product Warranty Overview

The following Warranty information reflects the general warranty offerings in the Canada. Warranty only applies to Products purchased in the Canada and that remain in the Canada. Products purchased outside of the Canada and then imported by the customer into the Canada are not entitled to Canada Warranty coverage.  Product purchased in the Canada and then located outside of the Canada will not be entitled to Canada Warranty unless and until the Product is shipped back to the Canada. However, customer may purchase Huawei Hi-Care (Huawei branded) or Co-Care (Partner branded) maintenance support service in the local country to receive technical support. Please consult your local service sales representatives for more details.

Table -1 Summary of Enterprise product warranties

The warranty starts on the 90th day after the date of the product shipment from Huawei, or the date of receiving service request, whichever is earlier.
For details please contact local Huawei Canada Service Representative
Please refer to following website for updated information: