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Enterprise Service Special Issue 01 (06/2019) Enterprise Service Special Issue 01(06/2019)

When it comes to new technologies and new industry scenarios, Huawei Enterprise Service is a pioneer always keen to invest in innovation. Huawei is investing 500 million US dollars to build capabilities, such as, cloud enablement services, industry solution services and industry operation and maintenance services. Furthermore, Huawei provides a cloud tool platform to build an open, shared and win-win ICT talent ecosystem.

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    Issue 03 (10/2018) Intelligent IT World (10/2018)

    Huawei envisions how IT infrastructure can develop in the new era with its strategy that Intelligent IT Inspires a Digital Future. At its core is an entire IT infrastructure that is integrated, intelligent, and automated, accelerating industry applications and helping enterprises succeed in their digital transformation.

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