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Huawei eLTE Goes to the Olympics

Nanjing holds a prominent position in China’s history, having been the capital of China for six dynasties. It is now the second largest city in Eastern China after Shanghai, with a permanent population of about 8 million people, covering an area of 6,582.31 sq. km. To boost its comprehensive governance, provide better services,  improve the living quality of its citizens, create favorable conditions for developing smart industries, and attracting high-end talent, the Nanjing Municipal Government decided in 2013 to invest in building a wireless broadband municipal network to providing a secure and ubiquitous broadband services.

Solutions such as WiFi, WiMAX, public 3G networks, and TETRA-based network expansion cannot satisfy requirements of the municipal network in terms of performance, reliability, high bandwidth, and scalability. Therefore, the Nanjing Municipal Government decided to use the Huawei eLTE solution — a mature End-to-End (E2E) solution that provides rich functions over a single network, from traditional trunking to voice and video dispatching and real-time video distribution. This solution helps transform a purely “listening” trunking system to a “clearly watching” one and, therefore, provides visualization at the command center.

During the 2013 Asian Youth Games, this solution provided reliable, high-quality communications, and helped guarantee the success of the event. Fixed and mobile surveillance helped capture live information on traffic between athlete residences and stadiums, inside and outside of stadiums, audience entrances, and nearby areas around the stadiums. The eLTE trunking dispatch system helped the command center coordinate with the Event Organization Committee, Security Department, and Transportation Department, enabling timely on-site dispatching to maintain order at the game sites. This system also protected previous investments by communicating with other systems like TETRA.

After a year of improvements, the eLTE solution has helped ensure the 2014 Youth Olympic Games to be successful and demonstrate Nanjing’s charm and strength to the world. As planned, the Huawei eLTE solution will provide network coverage across the entire city, converge fixed and mobile networks, and integrate the currently fragmented information systems by taking advantage of eLTE’s excellent performance, open platform, and flexible interfaces. This solution will help build a unified information platform for public security, traffic policing, fire fighting, medical and public health, power supplies, and hydrology to permit information sharing as well as unified video and voice dispatching. Serving as the information backbone, the eLTE network will lay a solid foundation for creating a “Smart Nanjing.” For example, it will allow the Nanjing Municipal Government to quickly coordinate resources for disaster relief and anti-terrorism operations.

Based upon the success of the Nanjing Municipal Network, Huawei believes that the eLTE solution will help governmental sectors improve their information systems and enhance their emergency communication capabilities on the journey towards safer and smarter cities.

Voice of Customer

“Asian Youth Games used the TD-LTE trunking solution to provide both professional trunking services and mobile video surveillance. This solution has played a significant role in dealing with emergencies and guaranteeing safety for sports events. I believe that this system will be enhanced to make a greater contribution to the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. “

-- Li Nan, Manager of the Communication and Network Department, Technology Operation Center, Asian Youth Games

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