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Smart Transport Smart Security White Paper

white paper transport
The potential for economic benefits from the Internet of Things is enormous, and can be seen in the early development of smart transport solutions. Benefits are already accruing from tele-operated and driverless trucks in the mining industry, smart telemetry and computer based train control in digital railways.

But businesses around the world are struggling to maintain the security and safety of their technology systems and network infrastructures. There are too many vulnerabilities, too many cyber criminals, and too few cyber security resources.

Incidents such as taking over a cars telematics while it’s driving on the highway and hacking into an aircraft’s network through its entertainment system provide demonstrations of vulnerabilities and highlight the need to provide smarter security solutions to match the smart technology that is being developed for the transport sector.

The baseline for any technology should be secure software engineering, building security into all technology designs through best practice processes, tools and techniques. This has never been more pressing than with the imminent explosion of the internet of things.

This white paper, written by Huawei Australia’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer and Chief Technology Officer, provides open contribution by Huawei to the improvement of the cybersecurity and resilience of smart transport solutions.

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