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Easier Access to Vital Medical Services

Innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is transforming the way hospitals work, with newly merged networks helping more and more people access vital medical services. Indeed, a modern network infrastructure — optimized using new technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and Huawei’s Agile Controller — instantly resolves a number of issues facing hospitals.

With new infrastructure, the needs of diverse users, requiring hybrid wired and wireless access, are satisfied. Intranet and extranet services, local and remote hospital services, and focused medical assistance are also all enabled.

Virtualization, SDN, and wireless technologies help networks run 24/7, maintaining both in-hospital and remote medical services. O&M is simplified while security is also significantly improved to cope with new, borderless networks.

Easier Network Management and Control

A modern hospital network can confidently remove security devices and loosen access control policies from traditional hardware and data silos. Hospital personnel can easily access advanced services, resulting in improved overall patient care.

Flexibility and Simplicity

  • Scalability and virtualization: Smoothly scale CloudEngine 12800 (CE12800) series Data Center Core Switches from 64 Tbit/s to 128 Tbit/s and virtualize a single physical CE12800 into 16 logical switches.
  • Cluster Switch System Generation 2 (CSS2): Virtualize multiple switches into one logical switch or cluster to simplify network architecture and improve efficiency.
  • Hybrid wired/wireless networks: Merge wired and wireless networks into one by unifying service forwarding, access control, and O&M.
  • CE12700 switch: Extend wireless network coverage from a single zone to the entire hospital and even its remote branches.

Borderless Network Security

Traditional security solutions are complex, using different types of software and hardware on different Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layers. Huawei’s big data technology cuts the complexity by analyzing centrally connected data, to display the entire network’s security status, offering continuous, global intelligent security management and control.

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  • Seamless Wired and Wireless Convergence

    Terabit access controllers prevent traffic bypass and increasingly improve wireless service forwarding.

  • Big Data-Based Analysis and Proactive Defense

    Rapid issue detection, and response, along with dynamic resource allocation, protect network security.

  • Industry-Leading Stability and Reliability

    Cluster Switch System Generation 2 (CSS2) enhances CSS switch fabric clustering, for a stable network.