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    PowerCube 500 Integrated Video Site Solution

    Huawei’s PowerCube 500 Integrated Video Solution can be used in Safe and Smart Cities. It can be deployed along highways, high-voltage transmission lines and oil pipelines, and provides a one-stop solution to address difficulties in video backhaul and equipment power supply, and help deploy control networks.

    The PowerCube500 is integrated with network backhaul and power supply systems. It provides customers with network access, surge protection, temperature control, and more. It supports hybrid use of grid and solar power, wired (AR and GPON) and wireless (PMP Microwave and WLAN) transmissions, and adapts to any scenario and reduces costs.


    Product Model PC500-300H1 CPS300 CBM20E
    Dimensions (with sunshield)
    (W x D x H)
    300 mm x 165 mm x 570 mm 300 mm x 165 mm x 570 mm
    Network Backhaul Wired (Ethernet, GPON), Wireless (Microwave, Wi-Fi) NA
    Network Interface 2 x SFP (GE SFP, GPON)
    5 x GE
    1 x GE RJ45
    NA NA
    Weight (with sunshield) 16 kg 20 kg (Battery Capacity 20 Ah)
    Input Voltage Grid: Single-phase 220V AC/dual-live-wire 110V AC; Solar: 24V DC, -130V DC 48V DC
    Output Voltage 12V DC, 24V AC, and 5 x (PoE/PoE+/PoE++) 12V DC, 24V AC, 6 x (PoE/PoE+), and 2 x PoE++  48V DC
    Rated Output Capacity 150W
    Protection Rating IP65
    Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to 55ºC

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