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ES3000 V3 NVMe SSD Card

The ES3000 NVMe SSD card is a half-height half-length, high-performance PCIe SSD that uses Huawei’s Hi1812 SSD controller chip, provides PCIe 3.0 x4 interfaces, and complies with the NVMe 1.2 standard. It is installed in the PCIe slot of the server and supports performance upgrade of the current server to boost the performance of applications, such as database, cloud service, virtualization, distributed storage, and Big Data, and help customers reduce system TCO.


Model ES3600C V3 ES3620P V3
Form Factor HH-HL card U.2
Bus Interface PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4
NVMe Standard NVMe 1.2 NVMe 1.2
Usable Capacity 800 GB; 1.2/1.6/3.2 TB 6.4 TB
Sequential Read/Write
Bandwidth @ 1 MB
800 GB: 2.7/1.1 GB/s
1.2 TB: 3.1/1.8 GB/s
1.6 TB: 3.2/1.95 GB/s
3.2 TB: 3.1/1.95 GB/s
6.4 TB: 3.0/1.8 GB/s
Stable Random Read/Write
800 GB: 680k/100k
1.2 TB: 760k/160k
1.6 TB: 800k/175k
3.2 TB: 800k/170k
6.4 TB: 750k/40k
Max Random Write
800 GB: 275k
1.2 TB: 428k
1.6 TB: 464k
3.2 TB: 464k
6.4 TB: 200k
Average Read/Write
Latency @ 4 KB
88 µs/18 µs 110 µs/20 µs
Power Consumption 7W to 22W 7W to 25W
5-year Endurance* 3 DWPD 3 DWPD**
Maximum Data Written*** 800 GB: 4.38 PBW
1.2 TB: 6.57 PBW
1.6 TB: 8.76 PBW
3.2 TB: 17.52 PBW
6.4 TB: 35.04 PBW

Notes: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Performance results are based on internal testing and use. Results and performance may vary according to configurations and systems, including drive capacity, system architecture, and applications

1. *5-year Endurance (DWPD, Disk Writes per Day): Disk write times per day over 5 years

2. **6.4 TB at 3 DWPD, 35.04 PBW endurance: 8 KB alignment, 8 KB data block 100% random write

3. ***Maximum Data Written (PBW, PetaByte Writes): 100% random write tested with 4 KB IO size and 4 KB alignment

4. Bandwidth testing standard: RHEL 7.0 OS, FIO tool, 1 thread/512 QD 1 MB data block sequential R/W

5. IOPS testing standard: RHEL 7.0 OS, FIO tool, 8 thread/64 QD/4 KB data block random R/W

6. Latency testing standard: RHEL 7.0 OS, FIO tool, 1 thread/1 QD/4 KB data block random R/W

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