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    VPT300 Intelligent Tracking Video Camera

    Huawei VPT300 is an intelligent tracking appliance that is equipped with two HD VPC600 video cameras. Using professional voice positioning and image analysis technologies, Huawei VPT300 enables automatic tracking of conference speakers and intelligent image adjustment without manual intervention. With Huawei VPT300, users can engage in more-efficient meetings and have better video communication experiences.





    1 x VPT300 (built-in dual-camera system, microphone array), 2 x VPC600 cameras, auxiliary cables, power adapter, and wall-mounted bracket (optional)

    VPC600 Camera

    Lens: 2.38 megapixels, 1/2.8-inch CMOS imaging chip

    Zoom: 12x optical plus 12x digital

    Lens aperture (F#): F1.8

    Maximum Horizontal/Vertical Field of View: 72°/44.5°

    Tracking Mode

    Auto Tracking: Automatically track and capture close-up views of each speaker with intelligent transitions between panoramic images and close-ups

    Panoramic Tracking: Adjust the panoramic views according to the speakers’ location and the number of people in the room

    Manual Tracking: Manually control cameras to capture images

    Tracking Distance

    Maximum range: 10m

    Horizontal Range


    Video Input Port

    2 x HD-VI

    Video Output Port

    1 x HD-VI

    1 x 3G-SDI (up to 1080p60)

    Audio Input Port

    1 x 3.5 mm

    Audio Output Ports

    1 x 3.5 mm

    Network Ports

    10/100/1,000M Base-T, 1 x RJ45

    Other Ports

    1 x COM (RJ45)

    Power interface

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