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Huawei launches Wi-Fi 6 ‘AirEngine’ in Australia

[Sydney, May 20th, 2019] Huawei Technologies will today officially launch its world leading next-generation Wi-Fi 6 ‘Air Engine’ technology into the Australian market with local enterprise customers able to access the near 10Gbps capable Wi-Fi access points by June.

Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6 access point AP7060DN is the first commercial Wi-Fi 6 product in the industry.

With the arrival of Wi-Fi 6 set to revolutionize Wi-Fi connectivity in the educational sector Huawei Australia will conduct the launch at The Higher Education and Technology Agenda (THETA) conference in Wollongong, NSW.

Dr Osama Aboul-Magd, a Huawei Distinguished Engineer and key developer of Wi-Fi 6 via his work as a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), will deliver a presentation at the event launching the technology.

The deployment of Wi-Fi 6 ‘AirEngine’ technology will enable a four-fold increase in available bandwidth for end-users to deliver total throughput of 9.6Gbps – allowing some 400 end-users to be connected concurrently to one Wi-Fi 6 access point.

This extra capacity will be critical to enable the successful delivery of bandwidth intensive applications such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which can require around 300Mbps per device. Wi-Fi 6 also delivers 50% lower latency than Wi-Fi 5 technology.

In addition, the ability of Wi-Fi 6 to serve four times more end-users per access point than existing Wi-Fi technology will help to support the huge surge of connected devices in the Internet-of-Things sector.

In a further bonus for enterprise customers facing rising power bills Wi-Fi 6 also utilizes 30% less power than older Wi-Fi technologies.

The key strength of Wi-Fi 6 will be in enabling significantly improved Wi-Fi connectivity in high-traffic locations such as educational institutions, retail locations, sports stadiums and other area where large numbers of end-users require concurrent Wi-Fi connectivity.

Dr Osama Aboul-Magd, Chairman of the IEEE 802.11ax Working Group and Distinguished Engineer at Huawei, said:

“Wi-Fi 6 is a real game-changer so every organization, including large enterprises and those who work in sporting events need to think seriously about upgrading their networks to Wi-Fi 6.

“A good deployment example is a university where they have typically 30,000 students covering several acres of a campus.

“With Wi-Fi 6 and its ability to support a large number of end-users the number of Wi-Fi access points required to cover the same area and the same number of end-users will be far less than when using Wi-Fi 4 or Wi-Fi 5 technology.

“So, from an economic scale deploying Wi-Fi 6 actually makes economic sense in many situations.”

Notes for Editors on Wi-Fi 6 ‘AirEngine’

  • Complies with the 802.11ax standard
  • Industry-leading smart antennas ensures that users in each direction can enjoy a good signal coverage quality and that the signal can adapt to users steadily as they move.
  • Huawei's SmartRadio technology can intelligently identify the user service type and accelerate latency-sensitive and roaming-sensitive services, guaranteeing the optimal user service experience.
  • Huawei access points provide 10ms latency for delay sensitive endpoint application like VR and 3 band radio for higher coverage.
  • Has passed the Tolly test and is recognized by Tolly as a Wi-Fi product that delivers one of the fastest data rate and largest capacity in the industry. At present, more than 10+ customers in the world have selected and gradually deployed Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 products.

For more information about Huawei Wi-Fi 6, visit the website here.

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Huawei Technologies Australia
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