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Cloud Computing Keeps “Oil City” Safe

4/11/2013 4:00:27 PM


The Karamay urban area is located in China’s northwest oil fields. After 50 years of development, Karamay has set up a comprehensive oil industry chain, covering oil and gas exploration and development, engineering technology services, oil technical services, petroleum refining, and downstream product processing.


In 2010, the Karamay government proposed the strategic objective of developing Karamay into the “world's oil city.” To achieve this goal, Karamay first needed to develop a comprehensive safe city platform to minimize crime.

However, developing a “safe city” was no easy task. Karamay still faced the following challenges:

  • Information silos: The existing public security protection systems were isolated from each other, so information could not be shared across departments. Advanced applications such as alarm linkage, service collaboration, and intelligent warnings were not available. Existing surveillance devices were provided by different vendors and could not be centrally managed
  • Inefficient information query: The public information security system contained massive amounts of information. Managers needed advanced applications to efficiently and accurately analyze video, explore data, and track moving objects
  • High requirement for data security: The project involved sensitive information about people’s livelihood. The Karamay government needed a comprehensive security protection solution that covered products, systems, and service providers


Huawei developed a comprehensive safe city solution to help Karamay address challenges in project development and achieve safe city objectives.

The solution includes the following layers:

  • Observation layer: Includes network infrastructures and terminals such as hardware infrastructures, smart phones, wireless terminals, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices, and sensors
  • Network layer: Provides the basic network for the vertical application environment (VAE). City information from communications networks, the Internet, and Internet of Things is converged at this layer
  • Data layer: Collects data sources, integrates and processes data, stores data in a comprehensive information database, and manages information resources
  • Platform layer: Functions as a unified support platform and data center. It connects various vertical applications that smart cities use to integrate resources and converge information. The solution uses ICT, cloud, and Internet of Things technologies to develop a unified platform and data center. This layer converges data from the network layer, provides upper-level applications, and uses data mining and intelligent analysis services to assist the city administration
  • Application layer: Huawei deploys security protection applications in the platform to enable accurate tracking, intelligent warning, and efficient crime-fighting. Huawei also cooperates with business partners to customize and integrate safe city applications
  • User layer: Provides comprehensive security protection and optimal service experience for government agencies, enterprises, and citizens in Karamay

The solution has the following features:

  • Eliminates information silos and enables resource integration and sharing: Huawei uses its comprehensive incident analysis and warning platform to interconnect all application systems in order to enable data integration and cross-department service collaboration. Resource integration makes it possible to share applications and data, improve crime-fighting efficiency, and enable pre-incident warning and key-area protection
  • Optimizes surveillance networks: In addition to the video surveillance system, Huawei also installed advanced networks for object tracking, intelligent analysis, ID card information uploading, and vehicle RFID to optimize information collection and intelligent information processing
  • Provides advanced intelligent analysis and data mining: Intelligent analysis applications significantly improve the value of existing massive video data, and implements services such as facial recognition, video query, and detection of abandoned objects. All-dimensional data mining is used to collect key information such as the tracking of moving objects

The solution has the following advantages:

  • Uses cloud computing technologies to dynamically distribute IT resources
  • Ensures the system’s technical superiority with its service-oriented architecture
  • Provides end-to-end security protection that covers intelligent warning, object tracking, and incident processing
  • Promotes Karamay’s ICT development
  • Huawei’s end-to-end security protection services ensure the security of sensitive data


The successful implementation of the Karamay safe city project has improved citizens’ satisfaction and facilitated Karamay’s continuing leapfrog development and its campaign to build the “world’s oil city.”

The intelligent analysis and information query services greatly improve public security departments’ work efficiency. The intelligent warning, incident tracking, and emergency processing mechanisms can effectively avoid major security incidents and minimize the crime rate.

Advanced management ideas, system architectures, and technologies help solve practical problems, enhancing Karamay’s leading position in the safe city industry. This substantially improves Karamay’s influence in the nearby area, provides a favorable environment for ICT industry development, and enhances the city’s economic development by attracting more investments and projects.

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