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Huawei HoloSens IVS3800

The first video surveillance platform combining powerful Ascend chips and Kunpeng processor, Huawei HoloSens IVS3800 benefits from inclusive AI, allowing it to take full advantage of innovation, intelligence, and openness to outperform edge cloud node competition and fulfill the needs of transport and campus.


Model HoloSens IVS3800S
Features Support for N+0 cluster, direct stream storage, and mixed storage of video and images
Performance Supports access of up to 300,000 cameras from lower-level Huawei platforms
Supports access of up to 300,000 cameras from third-party platforms
A single device supports access of at least 1024 cameras
A single device supports 512-channel video and image storage at 4 Mbit/s
A single device supports at least 512-channel video and image forwarding at 4 Mbit/s
A single device supports 128-channel video and image playback and download at 8 Mbit/s
Processors Two Kunpeng 920 processors
Storage Two 3.5-inch 960 GB SAS SSDs and a maximum of 38 3.5-inch 10 TB SATA HDDs
Data protection level System disk: RAID 1; Data disk: RAID 5, SafeVideo+, supporting global hot spare
LAN on motherboard Two flexible LOM cards with each supporting four GE electrical ports and four 10GE optical ports (optional)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 175 mm x 447 mm x 790 mm
Power supply Two hot-swappable AC power modules in 1+1 redundancy
Power supply 100–240 V AC
* Storage, forwarding, and download are concurrent performance.

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