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Special Price Quotation

Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners, and registered partners at all levels for project-based products/services (excluding distribution products) must apply for a Special Price Quotation (SPQ) to receive discounts on prices. The use of SPQs helps maintain a pricing system that supports all channel partners and promotes channel business growth.

General Requirements:

1.An SPQ application is required for all projects that are transacted for less than the standard authorized channel price. After Huawei approves the application, channel partners can submit the quotation to customers.
2.Huawei conducts end-to-end management for SPQs. SPQ information submitted by channel partners must be true and valid, and must include:
  • Channel sales route and end user information
  • Competition situation for the SPQ project
  • Channel sell-through price, end user purchase price, and margin of channels at each level
3.After completing the bidding, channel partners must provide the SPQ bidding result to the Huawei owner of the opportunity.

SPQ Application

It is strongly recommended that channel partners initiate SPQ applications as early in the bidding process as possible to support the official bidding/quotation. Generally, SPQ applications should be submitted at least three days before the bidding.

It is also recommended that channel partners log in to eChannel to initiate the SPQ application. If eChannel is not accessible, send the SPQ form by email to the Huawei owner of the opportunity.

SPQ Notification

After the SPQ is approved, channel partners can ask for a SPQ notification letter from the Huawei opportunity owner. For SPQ applications submitted through eChannel, channel partners can view the application result at http://echannel.huawei.com. The approval generally takes two to four working days.

The validity period for the SPQ notification letter is 90 days. After the validity period expires, channel partners need to submit a new application.

SPQ Execution

When placing orders, channel partners must strictly follow the configuration, price, and Incoterms® specified in the SPQ application. Huawei will not accept any order that is inconsistent with the SPQ application.

SPQ Verification

SPQ applications must be submitted based on real projects. Huawei is entitled to verify the authenticity of SPQ applications. Channel partners are obliged to cooperate with this verification process and provide the required documents, including but not limited to the contracts or invoices between the distributor and Tier 2 partners, contracts or invoices, Bill Of Quotations (BOQ), and configuration between the Tier 2 partners and end users. The SPQ verification serves as important input for channel management and channel credit evaluation.

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