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Order/PO Delivery

Please follow these guidelines for placing purchase orders to ensure PO standardization, improve PO processing efficiency, and reduce PO processing costs.

POs can be placed under frame contract or through online ordering. POs without a frame contract are handled according to the process of standard sales contacts of Huawei enterprise business.

PO Placement Under Frame Contract

Please use the following process when placing orders under a frame contract:

1. Select a PO Template

Channel partners typically use the standard template for PO placement under frame contract. (Contact your local Huawei commercial/contract specialist to obtain the template.) If the PO template provided by Huawei is not suitable for a project or channel partners need to use templates that work with their own IT systems, templates approved by both parties can be used. PO templates used by channel partners must include:

  • PO header information: PO number, PO issuance date, PO issuing party, supplier name, channel agreement number, and invoice-to party.
  • PO line information: PO line number, product code, product/service description, quantity, unit, unit price, currency, and line price.
  • Other information: customer tax registration number, goods receiving address (device), delivery date, end user information (except for distribution), and PO total price.

2. Submit the PO

Submit POs using one of the following methods:

  • Electronic PO: in principle, channel partners send electronic POs to the public mailbox for Huawei enterprise POs. If the public mailbox is not available, channel partners can send the PO to the mailbox of their Huawei contact person.
  • Paper PO: channel partners can submit paper POs to an account manager, channel manager, or product manager, who will then send the paper PO to the Huawei enterprise PO specialist, who is the owner for handling POs.

Acknowledge the PO

The PO specialist checks POs submitted by channel partners. If the PO passes a completeness and consistency check of the transaction, the PO specialist sends an email to notify the channel partners that the PO has been accepted.

If the PO fails the completeness and consistency check, the PO specialist rejects the PO and notifies the account manager or channel manager that the PO has been cancelled or returned to the channel partner.

Online Ordering

Online orders can be placed through eChannel based on the quotations agreed to between Huawei and Tier 1 partners who have signed Huawei’s channel frame agreement and online ordering agreement. Prerequisites for online ordering include the following:

1.The channel partner must submit the quotation and receive approval from Huawei.
2.The channel partner must receive quotation approval from Huawei.

If the channel partner accepts the quotation response from Huawei, the channel partner must add any needed information to the order (such as incentive and supply information) and submit the order. After placing the order, the used incentive amount will be deducted from total incentive quota.

These are the steps for ordering online:

1.Log in to eChannel by entering your Huawei Uniportal ID and password.
2.Create an order by selecting a configuration, and then check the billing and shipping information.
3.Submit the order.

After a channel partner submits an order, Huawei reviews the order and sends an order receipt notification to the channel partner. During order processing, the channel partner can view the order status through eChannel.

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