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Market Development Fund

Huawei is committed to providing you with the solutions and support you need to drive revenue and deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction and success. Our Market Development Fund (MDF) directly reimburses you for approved, partner-requested marketing and sales activities.

The MDF is reserved for partner-requested marketing activities. These activities are subject to a formal Huawei approval process.

Eligibility :

Huawei-certified partners and distributors who have a signed a valid contract are eligible to make use of the MDF.

At present, the MDF is available in the following countries and regions:

Italy, U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Japan, Turkey, Nigeria, and USA.

If you are not in one of these countries but willing to make good use of Huawei MDF funds to develop a Huawei-related business and market, please contact your local Huawei Channel Manager to submit an application.

The MDF may be used only for approved activities in accordance with the guidelines provided by Huawei. Payment of claims is based on your compliance with the rules given here.

Before conducting a MDF-supported activity, submit an activity application to Huawei. You can conduct the activity only after Huawei approves the application. Otherwise, Huawei may reject your reimbursement request.

MDF Coverage

The MDF funds marketing activities that promote both your capabilities and Huawei’s solutions and brands. MDF activities should support at least one of the following objectives:

  • Customer acquisition: activities with a call to action designed to generate leads and move prospects through the sales cycle.
  • Customer awareness: activities that drive and promote awareness of the Huawei brand with a specific call to action.
  • Customer development: activities that help partners develop or retain existing Huawei customer relationships.
  • Partner enablement: joint Huawei and partner activities that increase collaboration and help partners become self-sufficient in selling Huawei products and solutions.
  • Partner recruitment: activities with a call to action designed to attract prospective resellers and vertical solution integrators into the Huawei channel system. Only distributors are permitted to recruit channel partners.

MDF DOES NOT cover the following expenses:

  • Any kind of advance deposits or down payments.
  • Equipment or solution development.
  • Demo purchases. (The JMF can cover demo expenses. For more information, visit: JMF
  • Entertainment or meals, unless they are part of an approved MDF activity with an appropriate cost.
  • Travel or accommodations, whether the expenses are for your employees or Huawei’s. For special purposes such as paying Huawei customer’s expenses, please discuss with your Huawei channel contact.
  • Gifts and prizes for raffles, drawings, sweepstakes or other purposes not related to a particular MDF activity. In approved activities, the cost should be appropriate to the activity and overall cost.
  • Your sales meetings, team building, or operation expenses.
  • Consulting expenses.
  • Cash incentives or rebates.
  • Charitable contributions

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